PITCHING RESEARCH Harvard Case Solution & Analysis



The rationale of research can be a critical issue and varies across diverse scientific fields and disciplines. Thus, the research should seek to contextualize its judgment within the large body of research. The research is based on the selection of topics as well as the reliability of the subject, however it is difficult for the researchers to analyze the authenticity of the topics. Moreover, the researchers should focus on the topic of the research early at the planning stage as it helps them to avoid irrelevant research topic, which could affect adversely on its research topic.

The primary concern of any researcher is the acceptance of its research topic and then later in the publication of this research paper in the Journal paper. The main objective of this pitching research paper is to provide a sensible advice to the students. The author targets the audience of novice researchers in the finance and accounting disciplines. It could be the students of Ph.D. or novice researchers with only partial publication understanding in the very early stage of educational career.
In this research article, the author proposed some fundamental guidelines for researchers to createa sound research proposal. The author developed the simple research proposals, which cover the entire research requirement. Moreover, the primary objective of this research is to include the whole dimension that any collaborator needs in its reader. The research paper should include brief information about the topic, which brings creativeness in your research paper. The primary objective of this research article is to produce a solid plan, which one performed, would ultimately lead to a quality research paper. Moreover, at the end of this article, the author challenges the novice researcher to fill the pitch and present this quality research paper in front of its collaborators.

The author merely focuses on early career researchers who do not even know where to start its research process. The Collaborators always want a quality research paper; over here quality means that something new and innovative, which the collaborators do not know in advance and that it is not even available in the existing articles. However, the collaborators are busy people and they do not have that much time to read the research article in detail. The research partners are always interested in reading the research article to the point, which highlights the main key features of the entire research articles. If the research article does not have relevant points available in the research paper, then the collaborators directly reject the paper. Therefore, there are many research tools, which are hidden when a paper moves into the mature form. Moreover, the provision of a simple template for the "pitch" confines the essence of tangible advantages that the reader gains from the present paper.


2.1 Preliminaries

The most important thing that the research needs to consider is the design of the research paper. The research paper should include only relevant information about the article, and it should be to the point that would be easily understandable for the researchers. The firm advice for the researcher is to keep the pitch to a maximum of two pages. This Pitchee includes full information about the problems, finding, questions and informed judgment. However, before making the original pitch document, the researcher first needs to maintain a rough and raw pitch on a separate paper, which covers the entire attributes of the research. Moreover, it would be beneficial to provide your idea early so that they might flourish. Therefore, the lost time is the loss of opportunity therefore,the researcher should flourish his/her idea first. In addition, the pitch template can outline a definite framework for expansion across some iterations, until that moment tillmetamorphous arrives. When it is no longer a pitch, then it would become a fledgling scheme................

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