Museum XYZ, Major City, USA Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Museum XYZ, Major City, USA Case Solution 

Case Analysis

The consultants started to analyze the situation by interviewing that were related to the museum and could affect its profitability. The interviewed people involved 23 individuals who gave their responses in contrast to the questions:

“What do you know about the museum?”

“What do you see as its current role or mission?”

“What do you see as its future role or mission?”

Moreover, the interviewed individuals comprised of 5 executives of the other museums of the city, 3 corporate leaders, 3 program partners, 2 founders, 1 former board member, 5 current board members, 2 civic leaders and 1 executive director were taken for assessing. Overall,all these 23 members contributed to the analysis and brought the following form of analysis of their remarks:

SWOT Analysis

 Moreover, its purpose is to determine the circumstances of the company that can offer a paradigm for analysts to progress the organization with prosperity.


The museum has expanded as a unique place that has contributed vastly to the region. It has the core competency of serving locally. Moreover, its participation towards the education of the area is valuable. Hence, the museum been engaged in the educational entertainment of the future. Furthermore, its ethical affiliation with people is also encouraging. Nonetheless, it is also associated with the responsibilities of the civic and does well to support the actions.


The problems inherent to the museum vary from people to people. Numerous people have observed it differently, and the remarks defined the circumstances of the museum as its appearance is much dislocated, as a result this seems as a major issue for the museum. Furthermore, its niche serving has increased the price, and this is the reason that the people who paid for the niche serving did not get the desirable results. They did not find it an attractive place to visit. Moreover, the finishing of the museum is still not done, as well as the museum is found empty most of the time.Moreover, the museum does not contain anything that makes it different from the other museums, which is why people find it useless to pay such amount for such an unattractive place.

The second issuewith whichXYZ is dealing with is that it does not have any experienced staff at the workplace. Thus, the staff does not appear to do well and cannot deal strategicallyas the workers can do with the previous experience. The board, in fact, is in trouble as it lacks the experts at the managerial level. Moreover, the boardof directors comprises of people with little experience of the museum, which is why the museum has troubles with its approaches. All of this is mainly because of management’s poor performance due to the lack of expertson the board.

The museum is also being faced with financial issues. The funds raised for the operations of the museum were not compatible with the amusements provided by the museum, as a resultthereisnothing that can make people come again and again. The visitors claimed that the price of the museum was not reasonable with the functions which the museum provides.

The staff was not properly managed by the management. Moreover, the operations conducted at the museum were also not well managed due to mismanagement of the board.


Through this phrase, the visitors are of the view that they are going to visit a place better than other museums,however, they find a dull environment instead of what the phrase says so................

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