MobiChair Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

The MobiChair case describes the story of Lucy Ahn and Josh McKinnon, graduates of Stanford's Graduate School of Business who are also in a relationship, who take on the function of co-CEOs of a power wheelchair business after being offered the position by a mentor who is on the business board. MobiChair is facing stalled growth and also the board expects to restore the business with new leadership.

MobiChair Case Study Solution

Though hesitant initially, the couple soon decides to take on the challenge and find themselves confronted with a series of conflicts and social dilemmas that threaten to overwhelm them. In the 2nd vignette, McKinnon must cope with an HR manager who defies instituting an employee recognition software McKinnon has requested. On a trip to the East Coast office of the company's, Ahn and McKinnon are alarmed to find that several top managers are underperforming and must be replaced, after having guaranteed the West Coast staff that they will not be shutting down any offices of experiencing layoffs.

Finally, the co-CEOs are confronted with an ultimatum from the controller which drives them to determine whether they must take her antics until an appropriate replacement is found, or whether they can handle without her.


This is just an excerpt. This case is about ORGANIZATIONAL DEVELOPMENT

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