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Cheezburger Network was a Web publisher of funny, user-contributed content, using social media for dissemination, and selling advertising against the traffic of 1 billion page views per quarter. In January 2011, it raised $30 million in venture capital for the network of 50 websites that featured an amusing array of user-generated content. Starting using a website based on images of cats with whimsical captions, it had grown into a modest but remarkable digital empire, riding waves of viral content.

CEO Ben Huh prided himself on his ability to go from idea to implementation in merely a couple of days, but this just-in-time system made strategic planning tricky. Rewarding across 50 brand identities and with $5 million of sales from day one, Huh's challenge was to find out just how to best spend the $30 million, to look critically at the digital media landscape, and to assess his increase to date.

The Cheezburger Network case study solution

PUBLICATION DATE: February 17, 2011 PRODUCT #: 511091-PDF-ENG

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The Cheezburger Network

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