Indigo Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

What other steps could be recommended to Indigo to counter further competition in the future?

Since Indian Airline Industry has been growing in the real optimistic manner so there immense chances of additional market share and exceptional growth. It is highly recommended that Indigo must go for domestic level expansion on initial basis. Indigo must look for additional routes, specifically the ones who are heavily crowded. Moreover the Indian government is planning to expand the airports network which could be an additional opportunity for the Indigo for further expansion. Another option could be the expansion towards the cargo business because India has been a tremendous business hub for the global community and Indian industrial output in now counted among the top ten in the entire world.

From the marketing and advertising perspectives they can get them endorsed from a famous Bollywood celebrity which could help them in a way of being a frequent flyer. Indigo need to work on enhancing their brand recall which would for sure result in increasing market share. Since they have been successfully earing the outstanding revenue so the company can easily spend money on elements like aggressive advertising.



Target dates


Indigo must develop the Action plan against the expected issues, which may occur soon.

Generate Immediate plan based on highlighted report.

Start From Year 1

Needs to be done

Indigo must keep on maintaining the low cost structure which would help them to maintain exceptional profits.

Create a department that will look at these issues regarding the cost control and must take all the actions required to control the cost

Develop draftand get it approved.

Needs to be done

Define need and wants and grab the new expected opportunities     ( Conduct Research From Customer Perspective)

1.Identify research team members and ask them to design research plan.

2.Review research analysis within past five years and upcoming 5 years.

Start Immediately

Needs to be done

Create a team to look after the expected financial and economical fluctuations.

Perform trend analysis, generate the expected outcomes regarding future fluctuations, and predict future possibilities in the light of current government policy.

Develop draft by 6/30/05 and Provide suggestions.

Needs to be done

Create a team to look for the potential routes

Perform trend analysis, generate the expected outcomes regarding future fluctuations, and predict future possibilities in the light of current government policy.

Develop draft and Provide suggestions.

Needs to be done

What performance indicators could be used to measure Indigo’s success?

Turnaround Time and Aircraft Utilization

The turnaround time for the Indigo airline was exceptional as compared to other airlines. Indigo, from the beginning possess a habit of making the aircraft ready with in 30 minutes after landing.  The industry rivals took around an hour to make the aircraft ready for the next destination but Indigo has managed their ground exceptionally well from the beginning and even reduced the time to 22 minutes on certain airports and 25 minutes on busy airports like of Delhi. This approach allows them to make the aircrafts fly maximum numbers of hours in single day, up to 12 hours. Since the aircraft were new so they need to expand less time on engineering side as compare operations like cleaning the aircraft and beefing up the food items. One of the best element which has the major role to play in this regard is the distribution of the job responsibilities when it comes to making the aircraft ready with in 30 minutes.

On time performance

Another key success factor which needs to be appreciated is the element of on time performance. To meet this criteria, Indigo hired the young and professional staff members who could run the operations in quickly with a specialized approach. Indigo’s management simply deploy around 100 people on a single aircraft which make sure the on time departure of the flight so that there would be no delay at the other end.  Since this is low price airline so therefore people who travel on regular basis proffered such options but equally hate delays.

Single model aircrafts

From the beginning, Indigo has been operating with the same model aircrafts. Company have been using A320 aircrafts from the beginning. By the end of 2007, company was successfully able to purchase 15 aircrafts. These all aircrafts were absolutely brand new which helps to save the regular maintenance cost.  Indigo selected the V2500 engines for their aircrafts which reduces the fuel cost up to 2%.

Young and professional employees

The company from the beginning has been hiring the young and professional employees. The employees were quiet young but highly qualified which helps the company to achieve operational excellence.................................

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