The Buenos Aires-Colonia Bridge (B): Sequel Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

The Buenos Aires-Colonia Bridge (B): Sequel Case Solution

This case recounts the work of a particular Argentina-Uruguay bi-national commission convened to analyze the economics of a planned bridge that would link both nations. The bridge being contemplated by commission officials in the spring of 1996 was to go 41 kilometers from Buenos Aires to the Uruguay city of Colonias, across the River Plata estuary. It'd be by far the longest on earth. The case recreates the problem as confronted by the commission, which had to consider whether it'd make fiscal sense for a private concessionaire manage and to construct the bridge. HKS Case Number 1400.1

This is just an excerpt. This case is about  GLOBAL BUSINESS

PUBLICATION DATE: August 01, 1997


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The Buenos Aires-Colonia Bridge (B): Sequel

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