Tetra Pak versus Greatview: the Battle Beyond China Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Tetra Pak, the planet's biggest manufacturer of aseptic packaging materials, is a normal market leader that runs the risk of becoming involved in anti-trust cases and face mounting adversary around the world.

The case depict how Greatview appeared and confront Tetra Pak, which set industry standards largely by exploiting the innovation and patent strategy as well as the tying and bundling strategy. Since 2003, Greatview has influenced the Chinese government to set up and apply an antitrust law, which advocates the company as it positions itself as the very best choice to Tetra Pak for reducing customers' single-supplier risks and costs. In 2011, Greatview affirmed the building of its first overseas plant, in Germany, to pierce into Tetra Pak's home market of Western Europe-the world's largest marketplace for aseptic packaging.Tetra Pak versusGreatView The Battle beyond China Case Solution

In 2013, although challenging factory growth plans were pronounced by Greatview, its challenges overseas are enormous. Tetra Pak recognized that its European patent was not able to safeguard its historic innovation, aseptic technology, from being imitated. Even more complex, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce, China's market regulator, launched a national investigation against Tetra Pak, accusing it of misusing its dominant position to limit competition. Both companies need to formulate their next moves that are competitive.


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Tetra Pak versus Greatview: the Battle Beyond China

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