Claude Grunitzky Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Answer 1:

Claude Grunitzky has been quite successful in the past with his objectives and with the ideology he translated into business.However, his current objective is to enter into the mobile and social media platform or forming a company that will be focusing on these aspects in the African region. In order to meet these objectives,he can leverage his managerial skills as well as networking which can be vital contributors in making his new entrepreneurial venture a success. Networking is something he has done in the past and is quite aware of the tricks of trade and the techniques that he can use to increase his networking.

Networking will allow him to expand his viewer reach and will open new opportunities. Furthermore, the concept will also introduce to him new ways and sources of expanding the current business and achieving the objective that he is aiming to achieve in the next 10 years or so. Besides that, the objective is not restricted to the business, however, it is to enter into politics for which increasing the network and making strong connections with reputed personalities and celebrities is important.Therefore, networking will play an essential role in not only achieving his mission, but holds an important position in his vision as well.

On the other hand, he has a vast experience running and handling business and managing people, which is why he has developed some strong managerial skills. However, his technical skills are not very strong, but he can leverage his conceptual and human skills to achieve his objectives and set the route smooth for the process. He possesses strong communication skills which has enhanced his human skills and will allow him to manage the people in his native country easily.

Furthermore, his conceptual skills regarding the business and the methods of operating the business are quite strong. This will enable him to establish a strong base for his new venture and achieve success leveraging managerial skills as well.

Answer 2:

Positive of His Past Networking Efforts

In his previous networking efforts, Claude Grunitzky his adopted different methods to get connected with people and embark his presence. Besides that, he tried always to get associated and connected in order to stay in touch with the most important people who can help him in achieving his objectives. He tried different methods to maintain and sustain his contacts and grow his network. This can be regarded as one of the most attractive and positive aspect of his networking efforts.

Starting in France and expanding in the US is the proof that he has leveraged his networking quite efficiently and utilized his contacts in an appropriate manner. Maintaining a database of contacts has helped him a great deal and is one of the strongest techniques of marinating a proper network. However, the people in the database were the one he uses to meet on an occasional basis, but the people that were most important to his objectives were maintained ion the diary that he carried with him.

However, the face-to face meetings with people that according to him were the most important assets to his network can be regarded as a positive technique that delivered goods for him. This technique allowed him to reach people who can boost his objective and can play a vital role in taking him closer to the achievement of his objectives.

Furthermore, he utilized sponsors to launch events and parties that have enabled him to grow his network further strong and also helped him in expanding his business. Through these parties he met with Wayner who helped him a great deal in finding new contacts and expanding his network and business further.

Negatives of His Past Networking Efforts

The negatives that can be derived from his networking efforts include the immense focus on networking only and not emphasizing on building financial strength of the businesses he operated. Claude Grunitzky has been quite successful in establishing his network in France, UK and the USA and leveraging his network developed the business of his interest. However, after developing the business he continually focused on growing his social circle leveraging network and the major focus was invested in this aspect.

Claude Grunitzky Case Solution

This strong emphasis on networking did not allow him to develop as a strong business entrepreneur and carry on with the success in the long run. The parties that he conducted to grow his network and the business gave him some strong opportunities, but also resulted in losing some of his strong and close contacts. On the other hand, during his business cycle he witnessed growth and expansion, but his networking efforts did not allow him to invest his focus on developing the financial stability of the businesses......................

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