Tesco: Delivering The Goods (B) Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

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Manzoni, Jean-François ; Barsoux, Jean-Louis

By the end of 2005, Tesco had actually accomplished such a hold over UK selling that the giant was looking to some like a beast. These 2 significant hazards to Tesco's supremacy came on top of other obstacles such as the loss of a couple of increasing stars to rivals and the risks of losing its competitive edge, its client focus or its pursuit of development in a context where it was so absolutely dominant.

Case B reveals that Tesco did not content itself with reducing the effects of the emerging difficulties; it utilized them to turn itself into an even more robust company-- to release a prospective "transformational" attack into the United States, to drive development and to restore its dedication to listening to consumers. In specific, Case B can create an abundant conversation on how Tesco-- which, up until 2005, had actually lagged behind its competitors on concerns of Corporate Social Responsibility-- utilized the risk of the Tescopoly Alliance, not simply to capture up with its competitors, however to leapfrog them.

Tesco Delivering The Goods (B) case study solution

Subjects: Leading change; Retailing; Alignment; Facing reality; Corporate threats; Pressure groups; Campaigners; Community and environmental responsibility; Innovation; Customer focus; Complacency.
Settings: UK-based and entering the US market; Retailing; 325,000 employees; 2006-2007

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Tesco: Delivering The Goods (B)

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