Tesco: Delivering The Goods (A) Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

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Manzoni, Jean-François ; Barsoux, Jean-Louis

The 2 parts of this case (A & B) check out how Tesco ended up being a high efficiency company. Case A focuses on how, in between 1992 and 2005, Tesco changed itself from a plain domestic chain into a prominent worldwide retail group. Case A looks at how Tesco established these abilities and how it worked to enhance its lead by making sure that its goods continued to be preferable, offered and budget friendly.

Integrated with best-inclass understanding of its clients, this made it possible for Tesco to move into locations, consisting of monetary services, which others believed they owned. Knowing goals: This case is meant to assist teachers check out different elements of Tesco's change into a high efficiency company: 1) Aligning objective, vision, technique and values; 2) Using numerous levers to drive organizational modification; 3) Creating a culture of constant enhancement; 4)Developing a fascination with understanding and reacting to client requirements; 5) Creating a healthy sense of confidence while keeping discontentment with the status quo; 6) Ensuring that the leading management group sets the best example; 7) Protecting and supporting supervisory bandwidth.

Tesco Delivering The Goods (A) case study solution

Subjects: Organizational culture; Leading change; Retailing; Corporate mission; Vision; Strategy; Values; Alignment; Learning; Facing reality; Customer Orientation; Systems; Processes; Managerial levers; International expansion; Diversification; Brand management.
Settings: UK-based with international operations; Retailing; 325,000 employees worldwide; 1992-2005

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Tesco: Delivering The Goods (A)

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