Frasier Case Analysis Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Question # 4:

Paramount was searching for another channel for the show, but with the high overhead cost had limited options, but this was the only option paramount had in case of no result of the negotiation with NBC. Fraiser was the flagpole for NBC and losing Fraiser will result in a loss for NBC, but on the other paramount will also suffer from this. The loss comparison indicates that paramount will suffer the most in result of no deal with NBC. With limited options and high chances of loss paramount, don’t have any BATNA and was anyhow submerged to the offer placed by NBC.

Question # 5:

Kelsey Grammar was aiming to match the record of James Arness by appearing for 20 years on T.V, which will make him the longest appearing television star. Grammar in a meeting with the officials of CBS offered another show for the channel by his production. This approach of grammar made the situation more concerning for NBC as grammar approach was to force NBC to reach and close a three-year deal with paramount. This meeting also imposed a threat of the shifting of the show from NBC to CBS.

But NBC had the view that switching channel will not help the show, nor the paramount as it will not be able to draw the audience for the show and also results in a decline in ratings. Besides this, the channel in order to counter the threat imposed by grammar stated that with the ageing of the show third year might result in loss. The company is still willing to buy a show for three years, but the bid price is not attractive as the show will only remain profitable for the next two years which is also a mere possibility. Garbage was clear on the point that paramount is lacking the options, and switching channel is not an option for them. In every case paramount has to close the deal with NBC, which is the best option available for paramount.

Question # 6:

The NBC negotiating team tried to bridge the gap between the two parties and offered possible solutions that were addressing both the parties and offered great value to them especially paramount. The offers included a bonus that the NBC network will pay to the studio in case of the increase in ratings. A certain point was described by the team at which the network will be paying the bonus.

Besides this attractive and creative offer, the team also proposed a plan that involves development commitments that the network will provide not only to the paramount but also to the Gramnet productions, owned by Kelsey Grammar and Grub production’s a company owned by the executive producer of the show. These development commitments were offered in addition of the license fee and the aim of these offers was to make the deal attractive for paramount to close the negotiations on a positive note.

The team did the job effectively in proposing a solution and giving both the parties an attractive options to help them take a final decision. This strategy helped in bridging the gap and forced paramount to show some flexibility in the negotiations in order to carry on with the negotiation to reach an agreement.

Question # 7:

By analyzing this case it is evident to say that in negotiations, it is important to analyze the strength and weaknesses of your company and the other company as well, in order to sit on the table with points to negotiate. The negotiation strategy should be selected in order to get best possible outcome and which offers the best value for both the parties. In any negotiation, it is important to analyze the importance of the thing on which the negotiation is carried out and should also consider the best alternatives to negotiations available. Alternatives of the opponent should also be analyzed and should focus on the strong points the other parties have. The threats that other party is imposing are a real threat or not, this should also be analyzed. The approach towards negotiation should focus more on attaining best possible outcomes and keeping the relationship. The approach NBC followed was not necessary, but in order to keep the relationship they adopted the compromising strategy...............................

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