War For Management Talent In China: SPSS China Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

IMD-3-1880 © 2007
Fischer, William A.; Chung, Rebecca

This instance a part of the suite of teaching materials which applies China as an illustration of the managerial implications resulted from the so called War for Talent; and is thought to generate insights into “how to best play with the ability game” in China; or elsewhere. We plan to generate an interactive and rich class discussion of the problems raised among experienced company professionals; by adopting an assortment of fascinating teaching formats: an opening note; four cases; an “appraisal exercise” and a video. In particular; this instance is about a franchise formed in 2006 by SPSS; a NASDAQ-listed applications supplier with worldwide direction. This foreign-invested company uses a channel partner network to serve its clients and to sell its technology. Tomas Casas; the Spanish-born CEO; aims to raise its contribution to 4% within five years of the business’s institution to SPSS’s global sales.

War For Management Talent In China SPSS China Case Study Solution

To do thus; develop and he has to find competent supervisors to support the company’s channel partner network. Because social skills – including the comprehension of local dialects and rituals – are extremely important for developing rapport with associates in different areas; Casas understands that he wants to especially cautious when appraising candidates. He must find out the best ways to fill the positions. What would be some viable and creative practices to source; bring; develop and retain management talent?

Subjects: China; Human resources; Leadership succession; Talent management; Emerging markets
Settings: China; Predictive analytics software and solutions; 25; 2007

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