Using Corporate Responsibility to Win the War for Talent Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

In the war for talent intensifies, there is growing evidence that corporate social responsibility activities of the company include a legitimate and compelling way to attract and retain good employees. To polish their social responsibility credentials and thereby attract and retain talent, executives, such as Home Depot, Delta Air Lines and SAP recently pledged to deploy millions of employees volunteer for various community projects. Indeed, many companies, large and small, including Cisco Systems, General Electric and IBM, view employee engagement in CSR as a "strategic imperative." But few organizations have figured out how to use the correct CSR as part of their employee engagement efforts. They are deprived of the intentions and communicate CSR initiatives to its employees and, as a rule, keep the CSR decisions in the hands of top managers. At the same time, they can not understand what CSR work best to bring any group of people. In general, they are not able to capture the significant potential of CSR, to help them fight a war for talent. When used properly, CSR can strengthen interaction of employees, creating a feeling that they are part of a larger corporate mission and that the company shares their values, and helping them to improve their social networks. This article is based on the latest research to confirm that CSR can bring substantial returns for the employees and the company. Studies show that CSR can meet the needs of employees and motivate them to identify strongly with their employers, and very much the case in the use of part of Timberland Co. verbatims of the study participants, articles illustrates the challenges that companies face when making most of their CSR strategy internally . Next, the authors recommend five practical steps that can help business leaders improve CSR as a tool for talent management, acquisition and maintenance. "Hide
by CB Bhattacharya, Sankar Sen, Daniel Korschun Source: MIT Sloan Management Review 10 pages. Publication Date: January 1, 2008. Prod. #: SMR270-PDF-ENG

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Using Corporate Responsibility to Win the War for Talent

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