NoTel (B): Stop Talking Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Todd Thompson, Research Capital Strategic Investment (SI) uses his Friday on the train home to work on his or her income model for the note FirstCall. He checks in with his client, Charles Buron, to start their assessment and receive feedback. He has developed a good working relationship with Buron - Manager of Investor Relations Notel. Buron cuts the call short and Thompson warned that one of his company's institutional sales people leaked model numbers for their customers. Even more alarming is that the SI is going to put out revenue model to a much lower figure than the company expected. Thompson necessary instructions Buron. If he comes out with a note that contradict the model Notel, it will create a stir in the investment community. Contact Thompson Notel always provides guidance, but these relations were compromised institutional counterpart information leaked to the Vanguard Thompson and TRI-CREF. At the top of the current situation, Thompson was invited to present his model brass client environment. He needs feedback from Buron. Thompson has to decide what his next step should be. This case provides an opportunity to discuss problems and issues related to the management of communications and customer relations. See also the case, ". Notel: Speak To Me (A)" (UV1509) «Hide
to June West, Jerry Yemen Source: Darden School of Business 1 pages. Publication Date: March 18, 2002. Prod. #: UV1515-PDF-ENG

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NoTel (B): Stop Talking

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