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In early 2001, after a lackluster start to the consumer services, Tellme Networks has decided to stake its future on the Elimination of operator support applications aimed at the company. Unfortunately, the sales are related to the new strategy is not to build up. Tellme board adviser Bill Campbell, chairman and former CEO of Intuit, grew frustrated with the small amount of information on which strategic decisions are made and called David Weiden, VP Marketing, to develop a plan that can help identify the problem the new strategy. Weiden has begun to develop a model project Rifle, to answer these questions. The rifle was the methodology of choice of markets and customers are likely to buy Tellme service in large numbers. The rifle seemed to reveal the perspectives that were very different from the intuition leadership team. If implemented Tellme rifle, sales will not have much say in connection with potential customers to target. In other words, the sellers will be selected for their ability to sell, not their relationships or contacts. Sales people who do not buy into the process, is likely to leave. "Hide
by Andrew Rachleff, Patrick Arippol Source: Stanford Graduate School of Business 15 pages. Publication Date: May 10, 2007. Prod. #: E249-PDF-ENG

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