Marketing Assignment Harvard Case Solution & Analysis


The quality of New Paint (NP) is superior as compared to other conventional paints. The production process for this paint is patent-protected. The company needs to adopt certain marketing strategies to boost the sales of this product.

First of all, the company needs to launch a good advertising program for this product. In this advertising the company needs to focus on all the benefits on the New Paint. The company needs to emphasize on the benefits of using this paint which includes less time required to dry the paint and 33% less paint is required to cover the walls than any other local paints. The company needs to develop the positioning in the minds of the customers based on the differences of this product and its uniqueness. The advertisement for this brand should be done through different media such as TV, radio, internet, social media, direct mail and print advertising. Looking at the nature of the businesses the company serves, the company would also need to emphasize on the durability of using New Paint and the time saving by using this new paint. The company will have to pursue this strategy when it first launches this product in the market.

The second marketing strategy the company could adopt is to increase the market share by promoting this product. To do this, the company can target the existing customers of the company. This is often easier to sell more to the existing customers of the company than to acquire new customers for the company. The company knows these customers deeply and it also knows how to sell them more. The company should encourage its customers to buy frequently and for those customers that buy frequently, the company needs to contact them beforehand and supply the product to them. The company should encourage its existing customers to buy the premium product (New Paint) at a premium price, because it will give them more benefits and a complete package of desirable attributes. This will ultimately result in the increased market share of the company with superior returns.


The 3C’s model is a strategic model developed by Kenichi Ohmae, the corporate and business strategist. The 3 C’s in this model consist of the customers, competitors and the corporation. The idea behind this model is among the offerings of the competitors and the needs of the customer groups of the company, there lies an opportunity on which the company could capitalize its strengths. The company has developed a new product called as New Paint. It has differentiated features from other conventional paints offered by the competitors. The case says that the production cost of this paint is much higher. The company is now deciding on how to set the price of the New Paint.

If we talk in the light ofthe 3C’s framework, than the company first needs to look at its customers. The company needs to know its customers and how much are they going to pay for the new product. The company needs to set a suitable and fair premium over the cost of the product which the customers will be willing to pay. The price set must not be too high and also not too low. Apart from that, how the customers buy and how much do they buy, should also be considered in setting the price for this product.

The second component of the 3C’s framework relates to the competitors. The company’s new product New Paint is produced by a process which is patent-protected; therefore, the competitors in the industry could not imitate this production process till the patent expires. Therefore, the company will not be affected by the actions of the competitors. However, two of the competitors have 20% of the entire market share each. They would have their own competitive advantages in the market; therefore, the company should set the prices after looking at what they are charging. The price set must be in that range.

Finally the last component of the model is a corporation. The company needs to set the price which reflects the true value of the company’s aspirations. The pricing strategy adopted by the company should result in increased sales and profits for the company.  Such price should be charged for this product which charges the customers for the brand name, the costs and the extra attributes of this new product...............................

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