Taboo Scenarios: How to Think About the Unthinkable Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Taboos are a universal attribute of the social systems. Even the majority avowedly open mind organization position tacit constraint on what might be said and thought. Business leaders dismiss these constraints at their risk. This informative article links these happenings to the psychology of moral indignation, and analyzes the function of the holy, profane, and taboo in society. In public debates, taboos are scarcely as complete as first supposed and can frequently be reframed as heartbreaking alternatives. Leaders must carry out fragile harmonizing act if they are to avert taboos from blinding manager to either intimidation or opportunities.

Navigating this quandary brings into pointed tension the strategy prescriptions of supporters of genuine leadership (who see truthfulness as a trump virtue) and proponents of Realpolitik (who see organizational hypocrisy and obfuscation as unfortunate but unavoidable strategies necessary in an imperfect world.)

Taboo Scenarios How to Think About the Unthinkable case study solution


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Taboo Scenarios: How to Think About the Unthinkable

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