T-Mobile in 2013: The Un-Carrier Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

By the year 2013, the U.S. wireless business was in the middle of a costly change. As consumers commenced to embrace more urbane mobile devices, the industry's four chief players spent heavily to enhance their infrastructures for supplying dependable high speed data services.

TMobile, the tiniest of the four major telephone companies, lacked the scale of its opponents and risked falling farther behind in the competition for market share. Faced with this particular daunting business surroundings, T-Mobile's new CEO declared war on the remaining part of the sector, decrying challenger pricing practices and upending the traditional contract-established business representation. This case offers background data on the condition of the wireless industry in 2013 and follows T Mobile's early steps to transform its market position.

T-Mobile in 2013 The Un-Carrier case study solution

PUBLICATION DATE: February 15, 2016 PRODUCT #: 916043-PDF-ENG

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T-Mobile in 2013: The Un-Carrier

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