Acme Packets Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Acme revolutionized the way companies managed phone, data and internet communication. Acme began to magnetize several customers abroad. Acme leadership identified the need to expand abroad. In order to expand abroad it will face several issues. Was Acme ready to tackle issues abroad? It will have to terminate staff abroad. This will lead to problems related to international labor law.

Acme had the successful product and team but it lacked was expertise to grow abroad. Keeping these challenges in mind Andy Normandthe Director of HR at ACME Packetbegan looking for external support.Normand identified the need to hire an ongoing partner as the company is going to face several issue in upcoming time. Normand believed Radius had the knowledge base to tackle and support ACME abroad.

ACME went ahead with its expansion plans and Radius looked after upcoming problems that are to be faced. Radius provided its expertise as ACME went ahead with termination of employees abroad. Normand further said that Radius helped them in saving lot of effort and time.

The company that began with little workforce turned into a global workforce of 260 international employees. Acme managed to expand its operations in 34 different countries.

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