Leadership Philosophies Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Leadership Philosophies Case Study Solution

Comparison of “Eastern” leadership from Confucianism “Western” leadership from Shakespeare plays; Henry V.

Shakespeare’s play called Henry V., reflects the characteristics of western leadership. In this play, Henry V. was the king of England and there was a war between the French army and his country. This war took place on 25th October 1415, in France. This war revolves around innovative ideas, leadership and motivational skills that he used to command his army. With the help of these qualities; he converted his significant disadvantages into opportunities.The French army had 30,000 to 60,000 soldiers with equipment for a fight. However,the English army had no weapons and armors. Besides that, English soldiers were very few andwere tired of traveling to the war’s location.(official)

Confucianism is introduced by the Chinese leader whose main concern was over developing respect and serving the people in the society. He focused on maintaining good relationships with people, in order to influence them;however, according to him; there is no such specific formula to achieve for leadership. He said that leadership is not a one-time process, but a continuous process that requires discipline, education and natural talent.


Some advantages were observed from the Shakespeare’s play Henry V. based on the observation of the western approach of leadership, using whichit could be concluded that The King Henry V. used hisleadership skills to focus on taskslike winning the war, achieving the goals, human motivation and planning. This reflects that in the western approach; theemployees are traditionally viewed as neutral parts to perform necessary functions that are essential to achieve the goals. (King, 2010) . Besides these, the advantages of leadership criteria provided by Confucius focuses on the continuous improvement and learnings that are beneficial for managers to achieve the organizational goals.


The disadvantage that King Henry V. had to bear was the loss of his people,because he had less concerns for his people and high concerns to win the war. However, there are disadvantages of the eastern leadership style, which is not appropriate in all kinds of organizations or situations, because if employees are not skilled and not well educated then strict directions and instructionsare required from the leaders, to manage the task, for example: in factories and workers who are on daily wages.................................


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