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Succession Planning Case Study Solution

Assess Current Problem

I have been working at Cleveland Police Department for the last 5 years. On September 10, 2017, a thirty-five-year-old police officer named Perez Rafael, had been caught responsible for long list of offenses which includes unprovoked beatings, unprovoked shootings, plating of false evidence, perjury and dealing & stealing narcotics. He has been under the criminal investigation and other two has been formally notified that they are under the disciplinary investigation for the gross misconduct.

The ultimate mission of the Cleveland Police Department is to maintain order and prevent crime through providing professional and constitutional services that incorporate strategies and tactics grounded in collaborative partnership and community engagement that address the causes of disorder and crime, improve quality of life and help solve problems of neighborhood.

Need for a Succession Plan

The board that is failed to plan for the board refreshment is at rushing risk through the process & settling for less than the possible talent. The advance planning would enable the board to cast a wide net, which in turn would most likely increase the possibility of securing the best fit for the board. The candidate should also be able to improve the criminal intelligence sharing between operational units and divisions. The succession plan is necessary to lead to high level of engagement of employees. Particularly, the succession plan leaves police department prepared to replace the chief. It is important to ensure that the police department has right chief with right experience, capabilities, and skills. (Oduwusi, 2018).

Police Department Goals and Strategic Plans

The basic mission of the police department is to reduce or prevent crime and maintain the public order. Addressing disorder and crime is the top priority, and for that purpose, the police department should pursue following goals:

Reducing the number of homicides to zero through continuing to foster community relationship on the basis of the respect and mutual trust in order to  enable police intervention at the very sign of trouble and embracing community based re-entry programs to reduce recidivism. Another goal is to reduce the property crime and firearm violence by 5 percent with each calendar year, enhancing the police response to the broadening range of social issues.

In addition to this, a strategic plan is developed to achieve various objectives, such as; zero homicides, homelessness, promote effective government emergency preparedness and planning, effective police management, enhance and maintain physical environment, promote secure and safe community, economic vitality and sustainable & healthy communities.

Requirements/Profile for Position

A profession demands evaluation and study on constant basis. Keeping current on emerging events and trends & committing to continued professional and personal growth are the utmost ways through which the candidate could sustain improvement towards high professionalism level.

Connected to community

Management-level geographic accountability, the profile of captain should meet an ownership approach to disorder and crime. The candidate should attend neighborhood meetings on regular basis.

Not Anonymous

The candidate should have a published voicemail, mobile phone number and email account to help in exchanging information

Internet community exchange

The candidate should have an interactive social media presence on social media platforms as well as an active RPD website.

Community safety

The safety of the community should be the ultimate priority of the candidate. He should also safeguard public’s order and keep crime under controllable limits. The candidate should also provide extraordinary services to the public.

Educate residents of safety

Through community program, the candidate should educate and engage residents about crime prevention, the inner working of RPD, improve safety, reduce possibility of being victimized and personal safety.

Personal investment in self/career

The candidates should strive for expertise and be committed to continuous learning and making investment in outcomes by doing their best in analyzing and solving the problems.

Teamwork mindset

When candidate is assigned to specific position and work processes, he/she should be receptive and open to input and ideas from others,and should maintain teamwork even in the situation when things go wrong & there is a temptation to engage in unfriendly behavior of team.

Professional and personal ethics

The candidate should also demonstrate the character through doing the right things for the right reason on consistent basis, in both professional interactions as well as private life.

Attitude of Big picture thinking

The candidate should behave in a way that demonstrates an awareness of connection to the higher policing calling nature and willingness to place the department’s needs ahead of the personal gain.

Orientation of Inclusion

The candidate should foster an inclusive culture that uses and values the talent of all would-be members through supporting practices and policies of diversity that seeks to involve non-traditional members.

Internal or External Hiring Candidates

The candidate should be hired outside the police department who have better understanding and knowledge about social media platform and technology as compared to any other long time board members, which would provide a competitive edge to the board. The candidate should be the assets to the boards. Also, the candidate should contribute to the broader work beyond area of expertise.

In addition to this, the candidate should not lack the benefit of expanded business network and associates, and should not have difficulty in adapting to a role and responsibility that is primarily over sighted in nature.

Announce the New Captain in the Police Department

Cleveland Police Department is proud to announce the selection of captain Fuller Richard. The captain Richard’s commitment and pledge to serve public and ensure the department’s effectiveness and efficiency while also upholding the morale of the department in his role, has made Richard an effective leader and a valuable asset. Also, his vast experience would empower him to seamlessly transition into the chief role.He has been taking on an increasingly greater amount of roles and responsibilities. The department is being very excited to welcome captain to the department, and his leadership abilities, skills and knowledge would help the police department to move forward and further the department’s mission of serving and protecting the city of Cleveland, Ohio

Succession Planning Program Evaluation

The success would be determined by the efforts to keep the succession moving forward despite the unexpected agency changes and predictable intrusion of operational needs. The maintenance and support of the succession planning program assures benefit and endurance of plan to Police Department Leadership’s continuity…………


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