Massachusetts General Hospital’s Pre-Admission Testing Area (Pata) Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Question # 1
Depicts the current processes and identify the specific bottlenecks that slow the overall capacity?
Answer # 1
Process Map

After drawing the process map of the Massachusetts General Hospital Pre-Admission Testing Area, there are few bottlenecks which have been identified are causing adelay while testing the patients. The bottleneck which has been identified is the registered nurse visit and medical doctor visit. In the registered nurse visit, the nurse conducts an assessment for its patients by asking the patient to fill information regarding its medical history, family background, mental health, social welfare and others. The registered nurse would further review which would take around atotal of 27 mins per patient.
While in the medical doctor visit or anesthesiologist visit, the doctor would conduct the similar process as the registered nurse by assessing its patient in terms of its medical history, family history, smoking, allergies, medications and physical activity and would further review the entire information. In addition, the medical doctor would also conduct physical examination by listening to person’s heart and lungs and examining the eyes, mouth, neck, and abdomen.
However, comparing both the RN and MD processes, they both conduct the same task which is assessing the patient by asking the necessary information. Thus the RN process is causing further delay in the entire process and slowing the overall capacity. The RN process should be eliminated for improving the pre-admission testing area and improving the capacity. The entire process of conducting the assessment of the patient such as gaining information of patient’s medical history, family history, social welfare, allergies and others should be handled by the MD.
Massachusetts General Hospital’s Pre-Admission Testing Area (Pata) Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Question # 2:
Describe whether the proposed options in the case make sense to you. Could any of them be a solution? Why or Why not?
Answer # 2
Dr. Jeanine Wiener-Kronish was one of the chiefs of anesthesia in the MGH who had been given a task to improve the Pre-admission testing area by minimizing the time period of the patients in the hospital for their testing. In the year 2009,in the month of June, she formed a task force for improving the overall process in which the team consisted of nursing director, operation room director, medical director, and an MBA intern. After analyzing the process and time period, the task force came up with few suggestions for improving the processes which are:
 Adding more rooms
 Adding more time between appointments
 Reducing the volume of the patients
 Adding more physicians

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