“Renovating Home Depot: 2000-2006 Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

This is the case of a leader who came into a massively successful business just to discover that it was running out of growth opportunities in its existing markets and lacked basic systems. Though a non-retailer, he had plenty of experience in different companies and learned rapidly. He also repositioned the company for growth in markets where there was little serious rivalry. These were considerable achievements for which he obtained belated acknowledgement. These issues came to a head in his sixth year in the job and especially at a badly misjudged annual meeting with investors. Finally, he ceased listening to dissenting voices, and made a horrendous blunder - from which his reputation recovered. Learning objectives: The instance covers four key leadership dilemmas: 1) The sophistication of leading a sizable business - and also the 3 critical roles demanded of leaders - as strategists, architects and mobilizers. 2) The issue of transforming a successful organization - and how to make the case for change in such a business. 3) The need to manage one's own competences - and the risks of carrying certain strengths too far: e.g. when does demanding become intimidating and when does self confidence become stubbornness? 4) The need to manage oneself over time - especially in terms of keeping one's ability to listen, in addition to coping with disappointment and coping with criticism.


This is just an excerpt. This case is about LEADERSHIP & MANAGING PEOPLE


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“Renovating Home Depot: 2000-2006

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