Strategy Innovation and the Quest for Value Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Why Strategy stars started to fade? Why the strategy is no longer a "big idea" in most companies? According to the author, the strategy of innovation is the key to creating new wealth. Only those companies that are constantly able to invent themselves to survive in a discontinuous world. However, no one seems to know how to develop innovative strategies that create wealth. The author calls for the development of the theory of strategy innovation, and offers a number of assertions that the strategy of becoming, like life itself, that the strategy is working on a "strategy" and not on the pre-conditions that lead to innovation strategy, a strategy that balances on the border between the ideal order and chaos, and that is a great strategy as luck and foresight. Further, the author offers five prerequisites for the strategy: first, the organization as a whole, not just the top management should have a voice in the creation of strategy. Second, talk about the strategy is to cut across industries and organizations, so that knowledge can be combined in new ways. Third, people will accept the change when they see the opportunities for promotion and growth. Fourth, managers should help companies to rethink itself, customers, competitors, and opportunities. Finally, companies need to do some market experiments to determine which of the new strategy. "Hide
by Gary Hamel Source: MIT Sloan Management Review 10 pages. Publication Date: December 1, 1998. Prod. #: SMR032-PDF-ENG

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Strategy Innovation and the Quest for Value

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