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AstraZeneca is a pharmaceutical firm with a focus on patients and a global reach. They have changed their strategy and are once again growing. They are now moving into a new phase of our journey as a result of continuous pipeline deliveries and commercial execution. This is concentrated on improved innovation and the long-term distribution of life-improving drugs that boost patient outcomes and experience with healthcare. This is concentrated on improved innovation and the sustainable delivery of life-improving medications that increase patient outcomes and experience with healthcare. In order to implement our growth via innovation plan, we have three priorities. The first one is accelerate innovation science, the second is deliver growth and therapy area leadership and the last is be a great place to work. (Wise, 2021)

Problem Statement

AstraZeneca and university of oxford developed the coronavirus vaccine. The problem is to identify and analyze the production of a COVID-19 vaccine a good strategy and is the partnership with oxford is a wise move. At the development stage of making coronavirus vaccine, the Communication problems arose.

Question 1

AstraZeneca is a pharmaceutical firm with a focus on patients and a global reach. Covid-19 has attacked the entire community quiet rigorously. This increases the destruction of human and capital losses. The increase in death ratio has created the drastic impact in the people’s life and made them extra conscious to their quality of life. In those drastic times, AstraZeneca has come forward to protect the human lives with the protected vaccines. The company has taken advantage of every opportunity in order to accelerate its market position while meeting the quality and safety standards of the world. It assumes a sense of ownership for the wellbeing, viability and nature of all the COVID-19 immunization made in the worldwide stockpile organization across Europe, North, Central and South America, Asia and Australia. The company made sure that the every supply network has met the same criteria and quality standards.

The effort of the AstraZeneca to look into every tiny details in the production of covid19 vaccine has helped it a lot to gain the market importance. By going through the SWOT analysis, it has been seen that the biggest strength of the organization is its continuous focus in research and development side, which helps the organization to develop the vaccine and helped the company to gain the batch of top most innovation company. The production of vaccine has helped the company to gain its market importance drastically, or you can say that it has helped the organization to change the trends magically. Moreover, it has been seen that the AstraZeneca makes a significant commitment to add up to UK innovative work (R&D) use and is among the most R&D-escalated organizations in the UK. It has also helped the organization to expand its innovation cycle and helped it to broaden its research team.

The production of covid-19 vaccine has helped the organization to identify its dynamic capabilities and resources, and therefore made the entire team more innovative and competitive. This made the organization a key in developing economy in the UK. This is organization in the significance of science, examination, innovation and development in information creation, and the utilization of This helped the AstraZeneca to become the UK’s third drug organization and a lead in R&D of medication; this capacity has effectively conveyed it to many meds and medications.

So in my opinion, we can confidently say that the going into the production of vaccine has the best decision for AstraZeneca in boosting up their company reputation and market worth. It has seen that it helped the organization to regain its market value and worth. The involvement in the production of vaccines has helped it to understand its growth drivers.

There is no doubt in the fact that nothing is as important as human health and value, so in the times of dire need has helped the people to save human lives with its high quality protocols. Therefore, the company focused, high quality standards and protocols, dynamic capabilities and advanced research team has made the organization to compete with its fellow competitors and made its highest significant in the research and development side. The SWOT analysis and dynamic capabilities model shows that how competitive is the organization capabilities that it has made the highest research innovative company in the UK and therefore contributed into multiple research sections in UK. So, we can say that the going into the vaccine production was one of the finest step of the organization and it helped the organization a lot strategically. (Dyer, 2021)….

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