8 Essential Lessons Businesses Can Learn From Government For Running Operations Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Eight Essential Lessons Businesses Can Learn From Government For Running Operations 

Even though the normal perception is that the businesses are better than the Government sectors and government can learn a lot from the numerous businesses operating globally. However the government sectors have to offer a lot, which can be vital for the corporate sectors. Could the government possibly able to teach businesses? Nothing is hundred percent perfect and same goes with businesses and government. There are different things that the business can learn from the government. By government it does not refer to the problems that are caused by the budgeting and the politics, the full time people who are involved in the government.

There are good and bad people everywhere, even in the private sectors. Therefore, it is believed that the majority of people in government are very fine. With the rapid increase in the technology and non-stop changes in the industry, the big businesses are bringing critical changes in their operations. These businesses are moving towards the business model where the key skills of the government are particularly relevant. As the government sector does have the skills that can be used by any business to bring changes in their model and enjoy the fruit of success with limited liabilities.

There are different skills that government possesses and used them for the completion of its successful project. The major skill of the government sector is ability of dealing with the complexity. The government is very much efficient in dealing with the critical issues that normally arises when the government is conducting its operations. The best thing is that the government does not look only at the one side of the picture, in fact, it looks at the both sides of the picture and observes all the factors that makes up the current situation.

This type of ability is in contrast to the strengths of many corporate executives. One of the qualities of a good business leader is having the ability to emphasize particularly on the few critical metrics that can prove to be the key drivers in the success of the company. These metrics are also known as success factors and are utilized for identifying the position of the company and how well it is performing against them.

Most of the time conducting businesses is very simple. When the targets are well defined then there is a need to just jump over them without any hesitation. It is all-perfect when the key elements in the task are verified and the business drives towards them. But, this is the ideal situation. What if the new things start coming up again and again. This will result in increasing the complexity in the targets and make the situation quite tough for the businesses. Now the world is a global village and the competitors in every industry are increasing in numbers.

The competitors from the regions like Asia and Europe can introduce their products in U.S or globally, and create an intensive rivalry for the U.S based companies. For instance, if we look over the aviation industry different airlines are emerging and causing problems for the airlines in U.S, Canada and other regions. In this way the complexity is increasing for the businesses.

However, if we consider the example of Bombardier, its launch of new aircrafts is facing huge competition from the airplane giants such as Boeing and Airbus. Bombardier is still progressing as government is effectively handling different sectors like the aviation industry, customer support and the prices of oil. Thus, many uncertainties’ rise of the competitors, but government is expert in handling complex situations. Therefore, the businesses should learn from the skill of dealing with complexity.

Another major key skill of the government is the ability of resolving the conflicting needs and wants of the multiple stakeholders. Businesspeople normally take, this is a part of simple politics, but this concept is normally understated. The senior civil servants are required to efficiently manage the variety of constituencies through their effective plans which are more often opposing. The government is able to resolve the conflicting needs and demands of the stakeholders by taking time for analyzing the situation, identifying alternatives and coming with a better solution that is vital for resolving the conflicts.

Taking time helps in dealing with the issues that are very sensitive and needs to be resolved without an error. Moreover, effectively resolving the needs also desires for the high negotiation skills and being very quick respond towards the other issues and goals. For effective and high quality work requires determination, consistency and time. Furthermore, when the government does not have a clear picture and has to solve the problem effectively, then in this scenario, there is a need of great patience and skills for finding the middle way in quick time.

This is the ability of government which it has usually practiced for its high quality work and caring for the needs of the stakeholders. With the new challenges that business is facing these days, it is very important for the business to quickly move for achieving the targets at times, but it should also adapt the ability of being patient when there is need to carefully examine the situation and finding a middle way for the successfully doing the work.

Since, there is pressure on the business for resolving the needs of multiple stakeholders is more than ever. For instance the U.S auto industry is struggling with the changing needs of the customers as well as also has to cope with the Federal and state regulations, pressures imposed by the unions and intense foreign competition that the industry is facing. These elements cannot be ignored as these are the future of any business.

The competition is increasing in the U.S market and the foreign competitors are attacking the customers in North America. Moreover, the trend of the made in America is also changing. For instance, the manufacturing and IT solutions are handed over to the Asian companies. This is causing many challenges for the business in U.S and the slow growth is witnessed. The business should learn the skills of the government. As government blends the complexity and the ability to resolve the conflicting needs together. As these needs are supposed to be woven together and business has to learn from the skills of the government for resolving the needs of the multiple stakeholders.

Another area where the business can learn from the government is the nature of the leadership. In government most of the critical issues are handled by the different departments with collaborative work. For example, if the issue of environmental pollution is considered then the different departments come into action for eradicating the problem and the chain of actions continues.

Most of the times the executive has the clear responsibility, then it lies in the court of the workers working under him and they tend to solve the issue by themselves and does not need anyone’s interference. That particular person sometimes misuses the power and proves to be an autocratic personality rather than a good leader. That person usually involves in the practice in which he tends to be the boss and people respond accordingly. The key leadership skill is encouraging others and taking the group as a team and also been the source of motivation of others so that people can follow that particular person.

The people should not be managed with the help of authority, dominancy or hierarchical position. In fact the team should be brought to the same platform and the ideas should be shared with them. They should also be encouraged to give their opinions and ideas and motivate them for effective work. Showing them the approach that is best suitable for the department policies.  Moreover, the solutions that are recommended are also reflecting their ideas and needs.

All these efforts require time, involves frustration and the irritation that is caused in the whole process. In addition to this, commitment is also required for all this. However, the government can face numerous problems and try to solve all the issues. Though it is not appreciated according to the different views, but the government still manages the problems according to its limits. It works more efficiently and the examples of leadership can be extensively found in this sector. The result of this is the attitude of working for solving the different problems.

Even though the reputation of the public sector is quite shaky, but still there are endless examples of the civil servants who are involved in the highly effective work.  There are a number of cities in the U.S.A, which are sources of innovation and are famous all around the world. Though there are some parts which are not that innovative due to the obstacles faced by the government that is economical.

For instance, Louisville, Ky. can be considered as the area which is being operated at a world-class level in analyzing and collecting the data for the purpose of enhancing the information. It is working on behalf of the questions that what government is doing and how can it work in a better way? Louisville has been operating as an example for other cities. The government has really thrown huge efforts in bringing innovation in the operations of the city. For instance, the changes have been brought in the health sector and in the shifts of the health personnel so that they can be available for more runs.

Moreover, the changes are also brought into the facilities that are provided to the citizens of Louisville, KY. This is all about using the information effectively and the business should learn using the information successfully. The experts were hired by the government to carry out the process of bringing changes in the city. The experts involved in the practice of giving support and taught the staff of the city about the management techniques and increasing the productivity.

Furthermore, more work was done on improving the performance of the teams associated with the changes. The experts still provide coaching and guiding staff of the city. The companies are also taking aid and lessons from Louisville and the sharing the areas where it has developed considerable expertise that is effective for running their current business.

Therefore, the business should learn how to link the management of performance with innovation. Another area in which the cities are effectively working is fulfilling the needs of the residents with the use of technology for improving the services of the government. The city of Boston can be considered that is a vital example of the how effectively the government is working.

The citizens residing in Boston can use the specifically developed mobile application for complaining about any disturbing activities that they experience in the city. The city is utilizing more technology in its daily operations so that it can provide assistance to the citizens and citizens can stay connected to the government authorities. This whole process is a masterpiece and a lesson for all the business that are working that how the things should be managed with the effective use of technology.

This does not mean that all the cities are being the state of the art and possessing the cutting edge technology. There are still many civil servants who are not performing well and they are only focusing on their personal interests. There are different flaws that business points out, such as abuse, waste and fraud. It is very easy to point out mistakes and people associated with corporate sector usually involves in that practice. But only looking for the gaps also results in the missing different opportunities.

The efficient operations that are led by the government deserve to be appreciated and the business should learn from all the vital operations that the government initiated for successful projects. Even though the government’s main aim is fulfilling the needs of its citizens, not profits, but still its roles in the cities are appreciable.

There are different skills of the government and how its examples of effective operations that led the cities to the innovation and excellent operations. The mentioned skills of the government, such as effectively dealing with the complexity, working with the multiple stakeholders and also its convincing leadership skills, or the combination of capabilities that government possesses.

Even though there are many fingers pointed to the role of the government, but the positive side of the government should also be witnesses and appreciated. As the reward of work done by the government is how it is appreciated by the people. The skills mentioned does not know at all that all the employees possess these skills these days, but these are the skills which can be used to demonstrate the best side of the government. However, the questions arise that how the business should learn and apply the skills and operations of the government.

This can be done if the business seeks help from the government for providing its high experienced employees so that they can take steps to implement what they learnt in the government departments and take the business on the peak of success. Secondly, business should utilize the talent, confidence and expertise of the hired staff and take the initiative of conducting training sessions for the existing employees.

In addition to this the initiative should be taken for selecting the high potential employees, take a break and discuss the operations of the government. The most important initiative that business can take is that it should invite the senior officials from the government and conduct seminars for providing assistance on leadership and management to the employees. There is a lot that the business can learn from the government and be successful.

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