Strategic Review at Egon Zehndr International (A) Harvard Case Solution & Analysis


In this dissertation the challenges that Egon Zehndr International was facing are discussed as well as the strategic review process and elements required in this process are also discussed. The firm is so notable all around the world as it has been bestowing expertise and services to its clients through recruiting skillful and motivated staff or employees. The turnover rates was increasing and the company was facing high competition in the market. In addition to this, the growth rate of the company was decreasing after its growth in the market. The person who are liable and responsible to conduct the strategic review are the team comprising partners and junior resources. The review should be evaluated easily through milestones. All in all the company should proceed with the strategic process so as to find the areas for improvement.

Keywords: strategic review, profitability, executive search

Strategic Review at Egon Zehndr International (A) Harvard Case Solution & Analysis





Egon Zehndr is one the renowned executive search company. It is the privately held executive search company privately held all around the world and third largest talent strategy and executive search firm worldwide. The firm is responsible to offer expertise and services in the field of board consulting, executive search and leadership strategy advices.

The firm have been working since decades as one firm it has bring the strengths of the individual at one platform in order to build a powerful and strong global team. The firm is positioned uniquely so that it could bring its collective struggle and power every time to each of its client.

It has been engaged in building a long term and trusted relationship with another organization. As a business leader, the firm is liable to encounter the challengers that the companies possess and the firm take a deep and direct insight into the business.

The firm is originated with a spirit of generosity and seamless collaboration through offering true partnership. It has generated $300 million dollars in 2001. The 300 consultants of the firm is operating in more than 35 countries.

The rigorous screening process of the EZI allow the firm to find the high level of employee retention and find the competent and proficient employees. The selection of the skillful employees allows the firm to provide ultimate aid through providing best possible consultants to the clients. The global network of EZI works to increase the likelihood of the best and competent candidate and it works as a single unit (Egon Zehnder, 2017).

Major Challenges

The major challenges faced by Egon Zehndr International at this point in time are listed and discussed below.

Decrease in Market Share

It can be analyzed in the Exhibit 3 of the case study (Page No. 15) that the market share of the company decreased from eighteen percent to fifteen percent in between years 1996 to 2000. While, in comparison, the growth of executive search market has shown growth in the same time span.

Under-Penetration in US Market

Egon Zehndr International has under-penetrated in the United States in comparison to its European market and because of this reason its revenue per consultant is more in the United States.................

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