What is the overall market strategy of Marriott Corporation in the hospitality industry? Why have they been successful?

case marriott corporation solution

case marriott corporation solution


Marriott has been a major hotel in today’s era. It has provided high customer satisfaction and value through its excellent service. Marriott has marked its position as a visionary company and evolved by providing luxury experience to its customers.

The company considers that there is no difference between a company’s core value and standards and core values of leadership. The leaders of Marriott shared similar values and interest which in return benefited the company. Marriott has evolved its business by developing core understandings of its customers. It has developed its values by attaining in depth insight of people, their needs and expectations level.

Its core values emphasize on taking good care of its employees and customers, as it pay equal attention to its employees as well. Marriott believes that by taking care of its employees, it would allow them to take care of guests in effective manner.Furthermore, Marriot is continuously involved in the improvement process to bring advancement and innovations its services.

The continuity in its processes had enabled Marriott to provide high satisfaction to its guests and customers. Marriott’semployees’ exhibit high dedication to hard work and commitment towards their work as Marriot is also committed to provide fun to its employees and customers/guests.It has developed a friendly environment in its hotel for the purpose to give a sense of belonging to its guest so that they will not feel away from home rather among friends and this strategy is a basic element in the foundation of company. Marriot’s belief is based on the fact that great companies do not divert its attention from their core purpose for attaining profit and increasing wealth.In addition to this, Marriott has applied this strategy in its overall business.

The company achieved high reputation in the hospitality industry due its high quality of customer service and providing employees high job satisfaction. Through its exceptional strategy, the company had achieved the height of success and reputation in the world.

It is considered that Marriot has not only focused on serving its guests, but also focused to give employees flexible and friendly workplace so that; they could help the company to achieve its core purpose. However, the company has been successful in achieving its objective therefore, it has become a major competitor in the hospitality and hotel industry.

What is the decision that J.W. “Bill” Marriott, Jr. is faced with in this case? Why is it a strategic one for the corporation?


The senior management of the company and the CEO of the organization, Bill junior, are under immense criticism and pressure from the different social groups and non-profit organizations to stop providing the adult entertainment services to the customers and clients of the hospitals in their respective rooms.

The company has been providing such services to the customers and visitors for quite some time and it is not the only hotel that serves this sort of entertainment to the customers at the hotels, but there are several other hotels in the country and the region that also do provide such luxuries and services to the customers.

The CEO of the company,Bill junior, has received thousands of letters from various corners of the society and the anger of the general public and various other social activist organizations was on the peak. The issue was also being dragged and highlighted among the mainstream media platforms on various new channels and this was creating a big problem for the management of the company and the Marriott family members who had dominant stakes in the hotel...............

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