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Change is inevitable in every field and the field of education is also facing a significant change and witnessing significant growth and expansion as part of the change. However, there are different concepts that have been integrated and assimilated in education and out of those many concepts, Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), which is precisely known as BOYD is also a new concept that is becoming part of the change as well. However, the key understanding of the concept is not very apparent by the name, but the explanation provided by different authors who invested time in understanding the concept relates it with the usage of internet.

Education is becoming diverse and every field is utilizing technological components to facilitate the process. Therefore, BOYD suggests using internet as a source of teaching, which will allow the students to enhance the learning process. It is one of the most significant and growing concepts that is widely utilized in the field of education and those associated with teaching are emphasizing on its usage to enhance the learning process. Different authors have suggested the usage of BOYD explicitly in the field of education and indicated that in order to revolutionize the concept of providing education, it is important to make immense use of web technology and its related components and facilities (Bennett, 2012).

Some researchers through conducting descriptive and exploratory researches have suggested that internet can be utilized quite effectively and can prove to be very effective and efficient source of learning. The basic and the most significant benefit that internet or web technology provides especially to the students as that it allows the students to shut the barriers and eliminate all the issues like time constraint, location restricted etc. It allows students to seek education leveraging internet without facing any location boundaries and anytime(Cheung, 2014).

People from every field can seek anyone, anywhere and anytime to seek education using internet, which is why the concept of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is gaining immense support from various walks of life. Strong emphasis is given on the usage of this concept in schools as the gurus are convinced with the fact that the concept of Bring Your Own Device is very effective in enhancing the learning process. However, there are certain issues that are associated in this regard, which restrict schools to assimilate or adopt this concept completely. The basic reason is the involvement of technology as the concept states on utilizing internet; however, schools face a significant challenge in the form of budget constraints (Ballagas, 2004).

Schools are facing a critical challenge in the form of declining funds especially with respect to technology. However, it is important to prepare students for the challenges of the 21st century and accommodate them with the new and innovative technologies. On contrary, this can be an expensive task as technology upgrades are quite expensive. Devices like smartphones, tablets, iPods, etc. can be very effective sources of learning for the students and it is essential to associate the students with these devices however, the cost related to it is the main hurdle. This is the reason why the schools are not restricting the students form utilizing their own devices in schools as the provision of such devices in schools is challenging (Raths, 2012).

However, the schools are taking this initiative in order to facilitate the students and also to prepare the students for the 21st century. The term 21st century skills that is being used by different authors refers to the phenomenon of preparing the students for the 21st century and allowing them to learn all the skills necessary to compete in 21st century. Students are required to possess and learn different skills related to information technology and media especially.Bring Your Own Device case Solution

In this regard, students must have the knowledge regarding information, ICT and media which is vital. Along with this, it is important for them to provoke their creative and innovative instincts, enhance on factors like critical thinking and problem solving techniques and develop strong communication and collaboration skills. On the other hand, the development of different life and career skills is also very important for students that they should strive to develop (Education, 2012)...................

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