Strategic report Bloomberg LP Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Strategic report Bloomberg LP Case Study Solution

Introduction to organization

Being one of the valuable & leading data, software, financial and Media Company; Bloomberg LP prides itself in providing financial software tools to its customers, such as:news, analytics, equity trading platforms and data services to financial companies and organization. Bloomberg LP serves wider range of customers throughout the world and secures its position in the market through being recognized as most credible and fastest digital information source in the financial industry, providing financial news and data to hundreds of thousands of traders and investors globally. Bloomberg Terminal and Bloomberg Media are the main products of the company. With the utilization of the innovation; the company tends to connect the decision makers of the world to reliable as well as reliable information on the monetary markets & assist them in making faster and smarter choices.

The software and tech service industry is characterized significant change in customer behavior, rapidly evolving products and services, high demand of real time financial services, & improved competitor capabilities. Bloomberg LP is vulnerable to various political factors since President Trump introduced volatility in the stock market, hence growing the financial service’ demand in the market. The economic uncertainty led by global crises resulted in low job opportunities, huge labor cuts as well as poor performance of market. The appendix of the external environmental analysis can be seen in Appendix A & B.

The report details the implications and consequences of the strategic plan, which is being proposed to the company. Moreover, the strategic planning would assist in uncovering the ways through which the performance & productivity of company would be improved.


After analyzing the opportunities identified in CWI, which includes the development of new products in the market, geographical expansion and improved standardization services for the small business; Bloomberg LP should pursue the opportunity of expanding the business operations in the global market sin order to seize the larger market share, yield greater financial returns as well as increase brand attractiveness.

Assessment of opportunity using SAFe framework

SAFe framework is widely used set of organizations and workflow patters designed to guide the organizations in scaling lean and agile practices. By layering the expertise and experience in the digital lean into the mix of capabilities, the company would be capable of doubling the advantages achieved by traditional lean approaches pursued in standalone fashion.

In the opportunity of expanding the business operations, the use of Safe framework would promise to collaboration, delivery & alignment across larger number of agile teams. In geographic expansion, there are number of challenges which includes product road mapping, funding & management of changes. By adopting SAFe framework; Bloomberg LP would be able to quality and productivity and keep pace with the relentless pace of change.  Eschewing lean & agile principles last significant impact on digital’s ways of operating the business. The agile teams and digital transformation could heighten customer service, improve collaboration,fuel profitable growth and enrich tactics &strategies.

Hence, the opportunity of geographically expanding the business would help the company in finding new revenue streams, attracting new customers as well as increasing the turnover and productivity of an organization.


Against McKinsey&BCG, the geographic expansion in new market segments would require the development of the steps and detailed business plan for the strategy execution. The steps involved in the strategic planning of the geographic expansion, are as follows:

Outline expansion plan

Within the first step; the company should evaluate the long enduring benefits and points of interest of growing the business operations in new and untapped segments,and rapidly inform its employees, shareholders, investors &other partners of the company about the choice. It would progress the communication and stretch over the importance of clarifying the key aspects of the business expansion. Besides this, the company should plan the marketing, operations and work force plans and decide upon the description of the operational cost and marketing budgets. This would be the road map for the existing employees and staff of the company to execute the plan. Moreover, the projections of future profitability and cash streams are of tall significance as they permit the company to form essential changes to the plans to reach a worthy return. The projections tend to appraise the sum of capital required to fund the growth strategy.

Feasibility study

The feasibility analysis should be conducted by company in regards to the marketability, funding,legalities and technical viability. The feasibility study of the project assumes to be the multivariate concept, which provides a strong basis to assess whether the strategic plan would be feasible and viable in the forthcoming years or not.

Market analysis

After deciding to expand the footprints of business in international market; the market research should be conducted by the company,because it is concerned with the aggregate demand of the product/services in future. The market analysis gives important information related to the structure of competition in new segment, customer preferences and requirements, ever-changing trends and opportunities,technical and transcontinental new market segment. The in-depth information and understanding of these elements would offer assistance to the Bloomberg LP in reducing the investment risk and fortifying its position within the global market.

Financial analysis

Bloomberg LP is required to find out whether the geographic extension in new markets would be reasonable and profitable for the success & growth of the company and whether the expansion would fulfill the return desire of financial investors and shareholders. There are different perspectives while conducting the financial appraisal which must be looked into such as; modes of financing, beak-even point, cost of the project and investment outlay, cash stream for the expansion, judge worthiness of investment in terms of different criteria of merit, project company’s financial position in both short as well as the long run.

Assess local laws and regulations

No matter where the company intends to geologically expeditiousness operations; there would be certain laws and regulations which the company ought to follow by. One of the significant issue in growing the business operations is strict rules and regulations in worldwide markets. Hence, Bloomberg LP must ensure that the plan of expanding the business would be appealing to local government.................

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