Mba Final Exam Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Mba Final Exam Case Study Solution 

·Strong Appearance

One’s attire or the overall appearance communicate more about his personality. A treasurer has to meet with corporate world for investment opportunities, so, he must be properly groomed with a professional attire, so that the next person can feel the treasurer’s seriousness and professionalism in the work, which lead to the exact results and information required.

·Vocal tone

The voice tone is considered another important aspect in non-verbal communication as high pitched voice can be regarded as anger by the supervisor or the managing authority. Being a treasurer, I should use a positive tone with my employees and even the senior managers to remain informed about their views and information about the market. For instance, using an energetic tone during an investment project presentation by the coworker will increase his motivation and excitement towards the project.

·Body Posture

The body postures display the attitude of a person towards the job i.e. the way you stand or sit in on the organization shows the level of engagement in the work. An upright sitting or standing body posture means that you are confident about your work. As a treasurer, in presenting an investment opportunity plan in front of the whole treasury management committee, I need to stand straight as it will give a signal to the committee member about my confidence in the proposal.

·Touch and Hand Gestures in Expression of Kindness or Professionalism

The treasury department needs a strong coordination and communication levels. Low morale, motivation and conflicts would lead to disrupted financial management practices in the department. To keep the employees and coworkers satisfied, communication through friendly touch or a hand gesture should be used, as it shows sympathy or friendliness and it would be considered as a moral support. For example, tapping the back of an employee or showing a thumbs up sign, if his proposed investment alternative seem lucrative, would increase the employee morale and performance levels.

Visionary Leadership & Role as a Treasurer

Visionary leaders are focused on setting up new visions and directions for the company rather than following the existing trends and visions. They focus son achieving what an organization can become (Lucas, 2020). They don’t focus on the ongoing technical details, rather, the aim is to foster innovation and new development areas in the organization. Under the guidance of a visionary leader, the company will be directed towards challenging times or particular transitions.Similarly, a treasurer is a focal point in moving the organization towards new investment alternatives. The treasure has to keep all the departments on board to discuss and get approval by all the heads about the viability of the proposed project.Bringing new challenges and risky options would require a Treasurer to be an effective visionary leader in leading the organization through transitional phase of development. Visionary leadership come up with following benefits for a treasurer.

·Troops Rallying

Visionary leaders lead a rally in actual work place settlements. Similarity, the treasure needs inspire his people around, to stay connected towards the shared vision and invest their efforts accordingly. In order to improve the performance of treasury department, I should motivate the unity levels among my workers and get all of my team on the same, during a transition phase.

·Promoting Creativity & Innovation

A treasurer should be a risk taker because moving the organization through difficult times requires dedication, motivation and innovation among the ideas. Being a treasurer, I should be comfortable with the uncertainties as it is the only source of generating return for the school, as returns come up with risk. So, visionary leadership helps me in promoting innovation or adopting new investment projects, even with level of uncertainties................

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