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Stepsmart Fitness The case solution  

The customers were the business and sales opportunity for the organization and terrible conduct with them could be bad cost. In the case of Concetta, she was very determine to her targets and very well of aware of products and easily communicate with clients. From one of her small client whined about her negligence of after sales services and follow-ups which put bad impression of her. However, in the case of Barrow, as she is very experience and serious employee of StepSmart (See Appendix 2). Barrow has been working for 5 years on the same territory named Connecticut. But the issue was that we pitch her sales old data instead using updated data from year 2011 survey, more than that she rejected to take sales training and sales strategy claim she had lack of time. Barrow had a lot more other personal problems.

However, one of the main issue was that sale representatives covering more and too much area of territory and cannot reach their sales target due to unavailability to call more frequently on the active and potential accounts of clients(See Appendix 2).(Dolan, 2017)


Considerate Notes of Cooper

  • The company cannot afford to terminate any employee right row.
  • Complacent among sales force should be deemed unacceptable in the company.
  • Training session should be conducted for all the employees.
  • Introduce new standard for call on accounts target which must be 3.0 and no less.
  • Denser territories of each employee with the target of 4.0.
  • Prohibition should be done with those employees who not performing well and there is no future improvement.

Alternative 1

First Alternative can be realign the sale territories for sale representatives by reallocating the territories among the sales force or hire new sale representatives to reduce the burden cause low performance in sales target to maximize sales revenue. (See Appendix 1)

For Instance, in the case of Concetta, due to family restraints, as she is pregnant. She cannot cover her entire region so she need realignment of her territory into lesser ground, which makes her to penetrate small region intensely and her calls on account will rise.

Subsequently, in the Avery case, he seems to perform well and has incredible knowledge but his territory to cover is too large which is Maine, whole state. His territory should be realign and watch closely his number of improvement. Small territory will allow him to increase calls on account and sales targets. As his territory is too large that his current BPI is far spread which seems low call on account.

Alternative 2

Second alternative can be training sessions for all the employees to accelerate the overall productivity by giving proficient level sessions to his sales force. The preparation should cover these sections, Work morals, Pitching and creating new leads, Retaining clients, Updated information of products, and Performance measures. A constructive outcome would be made by this instructional meeting and will assist Cooper with accomplishing 100% of his domain sale target revenue.

For Instance, in the case of Barrow as she resistant to coaching but may be open to that manager whom she respects or she’s comfortable with. Otherwise, resistance will not be tolerated or placed on probation............................

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