Stepping Out of the Confines of Finance Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

The turbulence in the realm of corporate finance brought on by the global financial crisis is transforming the function of the CFO, who is assuming larger obligations to deal with the changes occurring outside as well as inside of businesses. Based on a number of panel discussions held against the heads of finance from large global corporations representing various industries, the authors identify the new profiles and functions that are emerging for the new breed of CFO.

Confined to CAPEX choices, CFOs are turning to be highly sought after for their guidance on areas not traditionally considered to be part of their job description, including investor relations and building self-confidence with other stakeholders and workers. Having enlarged their remit, CFOs are the ones whom others go to for guidance and solutions on matters beyond financial concerns. This article lists the greater competences needed for CFOs to satisfy the new requirements being put on them.

Stepping Out of the Confines of Finance case study solution


This is just an excerpt. This case is about LEADERSHIP & MANAGING PEOPLE

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Stepping Out of the Confines of Finance

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