a-connect: In Search of Talent Partners (A) Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

a-link was started in 2002 by three former McKinsey partners who needed to develop an alternative business model consulting firm which they have placed as a high-end staffing company. The business has been doing quite well, mounting to revenues of CHF 30 million with headquarters in Zurich, Dusseldorf, San Francisco, Boston, Singapore and Hong Kong.

Talent Partners who match up IPs with client needs manage these professionals. Among the largest challenges the firm confront is finding people who can fill this Talent Partner function since it needs a wide variety of social and business development skills. As a way of instilling discipline in processes and procedures, from the very beginning the business set the aim of doing an IPO as a staffing business, thereby hoping to get the multiple of that group. Accomplishing this will involve wide-ranging growth in order to get to earnings of CHF 100 million, which they think is the size they should be. Through the "Crystal Initiative" the business reviewed the three tactical alternatives of leveraging the operating stage, growing the service range, and centering on the International Sliver. They chose the latter, which means they determined to focus on getting deeper penetration into their present large accounts. At the ending of the instance the founders are wondering if an IPO is still the right thing to do.

PUBLICATION DATE: November 23, 2008 PRODUCT #: 409036-PDF-ENG

This is just an excerpt. This case is about ORGANIZATIONAL DEVELOPMENT

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a-connect: In Search of Talent Partners (A)

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