Spruce Lawn Farms: The IP Bean Opportunity Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

The owner/operator of Spruce Lawn Farms, a cash crop farm situated near London, Ontario, was contemplating of extending his operation to include identity-preserved soybeans as well as a grain drier. The farm had been in operation for 12 years and consisted of 650 acres of owned property with plans to raise this through renting adjacent fields to around 2000 acres by the year 2015.

Recent harvests contained corn, genetically modified winter wheat and soybeans, but given the growing backlash against genetically modified foods in Europe and Asia, he was considering adding accredited identity-preserved soybeans as well. His back-of-the-envelope computations seemed to signify the enterprise would pay off. However, when he approached his financial institution for financing, they were concerned about how the farm's fiscal structure would change.

Spruce Lawn Farms The IP Bean Opportunity case study solution

PUBLICATION DATE: January 09, 2014 PRODUCT #: W14001-PDF-ENG

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Spruce Lawn Farms: The IP Bean Opportunity

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