iWatch Marketing Plan Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Competitive Review

            With the increase of brands in the market of smart watches the intensity of the competitors is very high in this market. As all the brands are trying to introduce the better product in order to compete in the market therefore, the competition is increasing. Similarly, iWatch is also facing competition from different leading brands in the market offering unique features. Though Apple has a high brand image, but it is also facing huge competition regarding the smart watch market. The different brands are competing over the offers they are providing such as the innovation, user friendliness, unique options and many more features, other than that, the prices of the smart watches play a vital role in the competition. The brand which provides the best features win the competition and hence, have an edge in the market. Many leading brands in the market which provide the smart watches are focusing on the integration of the smart watches with the smartphones and tablets, GPS navigation system, attractive designs, strong battery and also third and fourth generation. The prices of the smart watches vary from $189 to $400.

The key competitors of Apple iWatch are following:

Moto 360

            Moto360 by Motorola is one of the smartwatch which can compete with the Apple iWatch. Almost all the smartwatches currently offer the square and rectangular shape and does not offer other shapes. Moto 360 took the advantage of that and is offering a circular shaped smartwatch that is having the Android Wear’s support. It possesses the high-tech features other than the traditional wrist watch that gives it a competitive advantage in the market. The price is expected is to be in $249, Moto 360 can be a hot seller and also the real competition for Apple’s iWatch.

Samsung Gear Live

            Samsung Gear live is third major smartwatch which was released last year such as the Galaxy Gear which was followed by Gear 2. Samsung is releasing different design smartwatches to stay in the competition. The Gear Live is featured with Android Wear and due to this it is gaining valuable exposure in the market. Gear Live can be integrated with the Samsung’s smartphones like Galaxy S5, and also it is best suited for the large consumer base of Android. The price of Gear Live is as minimum as $199.9, giving it competitive advantage over the expensive smartwatches in the market (Karch, 2014).

LG G Watch

            G Watch is one of the first two watches that was supported by Android Wear and it is better looking of the two. LG G Watch is one of the first watch which basically targeted women via its advertisements and this gives it a competitive edge. Moreover, the price of G Watch is $229; it comes in a traditional Black Titan case and offers all the functionality of the Android Wear. LG is offering the slim design and also focuses on being the fashionable accessory. It is available in attractive colors and it is compatible with the standard watch straps. Other manufacturers of the smartwatches are focusing on technology aspects and innovation, but LG is mainly focusing on fashionable design and wants to compete with Apple iWatch via its fashion strategy.

Pebble Steel

            Pebble realized the increasing competition of the smartwatches therefore, it introduced its smartwatch in 2014, having price of $249 named as Pebble Steel. It might not look as a threat for Apple iWatch, but it offers a mature look and also it has many apps, long battery life, easily readable display in the sunlight and also its compatibility with the Android Wear and iOS. Thus, it can be a competition for Apple iWatch.

Channels and Logistic Review

            Apple iWatch will be distributed via Apple stores and other independent retailers such as wireless carriers, online stores and wholesale stores. Hence, it can also be sold online via the Apple website.


            Apple iWatch has several strengths which can take it to the peak of success such as the brand awareness of the product is great strength for the company, but like every product iWatch also has a major weakness which is the increase in market competition. Apple iWatch can cope up with the weaknesses as it has the opportunity of creating whole new product category, whereas, the threat for Apple iWatch is the new smartwatch introduced by Samsung................................

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