Sources Of Power Harvard Case Solution & Analysis


Roizen’s network is based on different resources such as innovative ideas, power, trust, financial capital, leadership and a wealth of social capital. The basic purpose of Roizen is to maintain her professional and personal success by developing her networks with individuals of different groups. Moreover, Roizen should leverage her social skills by maintaining her network through good communication skills, effective performance and job consistency. Furthermore, she was focused towards her goal, productive in creating value and has problem-solving skills.

Besides that, she hosted many parties and events with friends and family to manage her network effectively because she wants to keep potential contacts close. According to my opinion, Roizen social network is one of the greatest assets, in order to add real value to her life. She possesses leadership qualities, good communication, and negotiation skills to manage her vast network. Moreover, the major strength of Roizen’s personality is that she pays more attention to the win-win situation. Furthermore, her personality style includes down-to-earth, sociable and positive personality.

However, it is difficult to manage a vast and effective chain of network. Moreover, it is also difficult to maintain diversity in the network, and she cannot meet many people at one time. Therefore, Roizen needs to diversify her network to overcome the conflicts between the people and create stronger connections. Moreover, she can reduce her workload by hiring assistants who can manage the social network of Roizen and develop a team to review the business plan.


Henry Kissinger’s key sources of power include legitimate power, political, institutional, leadership, expertise, knowledge and coercive power. Moreover, he introduced the high morale among the members who reorganized National Security Council staff. Apart from that, Henry Kissinger has a significant knowledge of foreign affairs and policy making. Furthermore, as a Secretary of state, he maintained high reputation in the media and taken action to create peace in the world. Apart from that, he described the art of diplomacy and the balance of power within and outside of the country.

Moreover, he developed a strategy to deal with conventional warfare, the nuclear-armed forces as well as to deal with terrorism and cyber warfare. The main goal of Kissinger is to bring peace to the people and the world. Apart from that, he should initiate a strategy to bring advanced technology that can reduce the rate of terrorism and cyber warfare. Furthermore, he also shows how different societies produce ways to conduct foreign policy and build foreign relations.Sources Of Power Case Solution

However, the challenges faced by Kissinger are to control and monitor overseas operations of the military forces and the intelligence agencies. Moreover, another challenge faced by Kissinger in Nixon administration is that he does not have enough expertise and experience to serve national security advisor. However, Kissinger proved to be the most influential and controversial statesmen in American history. Furthermore, with his intellectual powers such as leadership and negotiating skills, he ended the Vietnam War......................

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