Yama Ribbons & Bows Co., Ltd.: Where to Next? Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Yama Ribbons & Bows Co., Ltd., the world’s largest producer of polyester ribbon situated in Xiamen, China, has gained various awards, accolades, victories during the last 16 years. In March 2014, the founder and chairman of the company’s board was considering the success and revenue growth marked by the company. Despite the numerous issues that persistently threaten the Chinese ribbons industry, including rising labor and production costs, rising competition, and serious international policies of imports, the company not only succeeded to open a new subsidiary in the U.S. and was prepared to start a second in Hong Kong, but decided to outsource few production operations to its recent plant, established in India. The company had gained a prominent trademark and effectively survived in an investigation by the U.S. Department of Commerce joint investigation into anti-subsidy and anti-dumping practices. By ensuring quality services through its make-to-stock strategy and its own R&D, it not only obtained the control of inventory but also reduced its delivery time globally. The founder pondered what, if anything, he was lacking as he considered his growth objectives for the company. What could be most effective track for him to expedite the company’s growth in the future.

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Yama Ribbons & Bows Co., Ltd.: Where to Next?

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