Esoteric Client (Cartoon Case) Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

IMD-3-2124 © 2009
Michel, Stefan

The case reveals the relationship in between a bank and a rich client, who ends up being extremely challenging to deal with. The bank has to choose whether to lose an extremely rewarding client or not, and if not, how to manage this relationship in the future.

Knowing goals: This case shows how simple it is to declare to be "client oriented", and how challenging it can be to satisfy that pledge when customers end up being hard. When a senior supervisor hands over a challenging client to a junior supervisor, it likewise deals with the concern of client relationships from a group management viewpoint.

Subjects: Client Relationship Management; Banking; Service; Customer Satisfaction; Complaint Management
Settings: Switzerland; Banking; Disguised; 2009

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Esoteric Client (Cartoon Case)

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