Social Media Influencer & Their Impact On Society Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Social Media Influencer & Their Impact On Society Case Study Solution

Barack Obama is the first and most influential social media president in the United States. He was the first ever American president to use the social services like Facebook, Snapchat, twitter, and Instagram. He launched his presidential campaigns through social media and engaged citizens especially the young people by the use of different social media platforms. Before Obama, many presidents used the social media facility for their campaigns, but they failed. Obama succeeded to convert his donors intovoters and the online public energy into the supporting ground. He used both the increasing technology and internet power to increase his support. Obama understood that social media and its increasing trend has power to grow. The presidential campaign of Obama, leveraged all its tools to access the social media to Americans, which he had preserved for campaigns.(Monte Lutz, 2009)


High level of loyalty and following was created by social media campaigns by the president. Barack Obama has almost 100 social media profiles, across all the platforms including YouTube, periscope, Snapchat and Vimeo. From the past, Obama also had a Friendster account.

Many competitors tried to follow Obama and updated almost all types of social media accounts available. But Barack Obama, using his intelligence, updated only the accounts of those social media platforms where there were more followers available and from where more people can be connected in a short period of time. After a research it was found out that Obama had almost 250,000 online social media posts by himself and his lady.

Barack Obama also launched his own website; “”, which was named as a sort of social media. According to a research, almost two million accounts were created in support if Obama, 400,000 articles were written and 200,000 videos were posted in Obama’s favor and 35,000 volunteer groups were made. As well as $30 millionwere spent for social media campaigns and 70,000 calls were made through this website.

In 2007, Obama’s official Facebook account was connected to this page, to make the picture and video postings goviral. Obama’s twitter account (@BarackObama) is among the ten most followed accounts on twitter. In 2011, it was the third account to achieve10 million followers. In November 2016, Barack Obama had 79,010,191 followers. During the 2008 election campaign, it was the most followed account on twitter.

Social Media Influencer & Their Impact On Society Harvard Case Solution & Analysis



Obama had only once used the social media website “Reddit”, where he came as a surprise for half an hour and he used the format of AMA (Ask Me Anything) and he gained almost 3.8 million views on his first visit. There were 22,000 questions and comments and the president answered 10 of them.

The most significant reasonthat people followed his Facebook page is that all the information on his page and all of his posts are related to his own life, and no one else operates his account instead he himself operates and uses his social media account.

Obama had always been active in social causes and had spent a lot in charity. According to Dax Alexander, the Forbes staff had revealed that Barack Obama had spent approximately $1 million when he was the U.S president................

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Social Media Influencer & Their Impact On Society

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