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Markets are changing, competition is changing, and the company may suffer, or perhaps thriving. Whatever the immediate circumstances, corporate managers to ask the same questions: where do we go from here, and what strategy will take us there? To understand how to choose the right strategy at the right time, the authors analyzed the logic of the leading strategic frameworks used in business and engineering schools around the world. They match the frame with a key strategic choices facing dozens of industry leaders in different times, in times of stability and change. Two ideas came out of the analysis. First, the framework is divided into three archetypes: strategies position, strategy and policies leverage opportunities. What is right for the company depends on the circumstances, available resources, and as a combination of the management of these resources. Second, many of the assumptions about the competitive advantage does not hold. For example, although the strategy gurus say about strategically important resources, sometimes competitive advantage came from a very well-built ordinary resources. To find out when it makes sense to carry out the strategy position, leverage, or the possibility, the authors advise managers to understand the immediate circumstances of the company, to analyze their current resources, and determine the relationships between different resources. Understanding these factors, in their opinion, will help managers to choose the right policy framework. "Hide
by Christopher B. Bingham, Kathleen M. Eisenhardt, Nathan R. Furr Source: MIT Sloan Management Review 7 pages. Publication Date: 01 Oct 2011. Prod. #: SMR401-PDF-ENG

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Which Strategy When

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