The Pub: Survive Thrive or Die Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

This case shows the current and future challenges faced by the Club Tantramarsh, better known as The Pub, (MTA) Mount Allison University-profit club. The case is set in April 2008 as the winter semester ended in the small town of Sackville, New Brunswick, located in the south-east coast of Canada. Pub has undergone several years of financial difficulties, however, in 2007/08, is expected to be financially stable year. The main character, manager Jonathan "Scooter" Clark, worried about the possibility of the organization to maintain financial stability once Pub moved to a new location, scheduled for August 2008. Board members, who were involved in discussions about the future of Pub, were secondary characters in the case. The Board of Directors and scooters were to determine the most appropriate business model Bar, as it moved to a new location. The case drew attention to changes in the environment and the impact it had on Pub. Competition in Sackville was friendly, but relatively stiff. The most important consumer group The Pub, students are price sensitive, fickle and quickly move on to another bar, if a competitor offers something more attractive. National trends indicate less spending on alcoholic beverages and increased spending on food. In addition, campus pubs across the country have changed their business models, the shift from an emphasis on alcohol and food options varied entertainment. "Hide
by Gina Grandy, Moritz P Gunter, Andrew Couturier, Ben Goldberg, Ian McLeod, Trevor Steeves Source: North American Case Research Association (NACRA) 16 pages. Publication Date: January 15, 2010. Prod. #: NA0084-PDF-ENG

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