Social Media Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Question: 1,Part-(a): There are six connecting elements present on the site, including Contact us, Find us, Alumni, organization, recruiter and Jobs at LBS section present on the site to connect with the users.

Part-(b): There are three continuously engaged elementspresent on the website, such as London life, the Middle East must collaborate to spur economic diversification and managers an endangered species.

Part-(c): There is one convert element present on the website, placed on the top of the page, with the ability to convert into different images, representing the sites core competencies and believes.

Part-(d): There are four CTA elements present on the website, known as create a profile, log in, sign-up with your email, etc. However, these elements could be classified as connect elements. Enabling the user to connect or access his or her already developed website.

Part-(e):There is one help content present of the website, known as help me choose, which enables the users to choose programmers based on their needs, which would offer expert advice or assistance. Enhancing user experience from the site. Which would increase the traffic on that site.

Social Media-Big Skinny Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Question: 2, Part-(a)

  • Conduct research, about the availability of keyword, and choose the most appropriate one that best fits the products characteristics.
  • Assess the customers most commonly used word, while purchasing wallets online.
  • Assess the wide horizon of words such as thin, nylon, weight, and etc.
  • Using Broad advertisement could enable big skinny’s keyword to be prompted, in case the user misspells or those who specify a keyword in a multi-word query.
  • The payment towards the search engine should be made, on a per click basis. Determined through and auction.
  • Try and attain the highest bid in the auction, so that their advertisement would be placed at the top of the list.
  • Determine the appropriate place for advertisement, which would minimize the hindrance experienced by the users when they use the site.


  • Common keywords, which relates to the product’sfeatures and characteristics would be used. Therefore, keywords such as light, sciatica, wallet, and nylon, leather and weighed should be used.
  • Using skinny wallets as a keyword,would enable the company to incorporate optimization. Which would create the brand awareness and tap the brand conscious customer base more precisely.
  • The company should determine a keyword, based on its products characteristic such as, thin Wallet, skinny wallet or light wallet.
  • The keyword,thin wallet would make the company accessible to those customers who search for a light weight wallet online.
  • The medical terminologies should be incorporate, allowing the company to tap and target different sets of customers belonging to different domain. Thus enhancing the customer’s base.
  • The keyword, Skinny wallet, would increase the accessibility of those customers that are searching for specific brand online.
  • The keyword, light wallet, would increase the accessibility of those customers, who do not necessarily know which brand they want and are just searching for wallets online....................

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