Social Enterprise Under Adversity: Bridge EXP in Kibera (A) Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

The case illustrates the opportunities, challenges and trade-offs associated with the development of pro-social venture business in emerging markets, defining the relationship between a Nairobi-based company for Insta products (Insta) and Toronto-profit voluntary counseling for sustainable new businesses with high potential to accelerate local development. Located in the center of public disorder in spring 2008, a consulting team prepares to give his policy recommendations based on detailed business, financial and marketing considerations. In commercial introduction of fortified flour in the retail market in Kenya, the opportunity presented is expected to double production Insta for 5 years in building a stable Ksh2.1 billion business. The new company is a pro-social corporate enterprise by 15-year-old company with strong capabilities in emergency food aid. Insta was engaged with caution Kenya and Acumen Fund to request funding, and requested the independent market research. Bridge Partners expedition intervened to revise the business plan and to offer financial modeling and market analysis to assess Insta products in assessing the opportunities and the introduction of new enterprises. The decision comes down to how Insta framed risk opportunity. If Insta focus on availability, they would minimize the size of the package and focus on the kiosk distribution. If, however, the most important factor for the low-income families when buying cereal-like product uji was sensitive to price, and, Insta could be better run with large packets distributed by Duke and supermarkets where Insta products and prices will be compared against the established Uji manufacturers. Case, ask the students to make this decision, assuming the role of either the representatives of Insta and / or team Bridge Consulting, as three Ivey MBA participate in the complex modeling and rely on the experience of local and international students. "Hide
by Oana Branzei, Eduardo Zarate Source: Richard Ivey School of Business Foundation 28 pages. Publication Date: June 22, 2009. Prod. #: 909M50-PDF-ENG

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Social Enterprise Under Adversity: Bridge EXP in Kibera (A)

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