SMA Micro Electronic Products Division 2018 Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

SMA Micro Electronic Products Division 2018 Case Solution


The SMA Micro Electronic Products Division is a global organization that manufactures and markets semiconductors. Its products are used in industries all over the world. For example, SMA has manufacturing plants in various countries. Its subsidiaries are located in different countries. SMA has two major divisions: international and domestic. Each of these divisions has its own specific market and product range. The SMA is the largest distributor in the world.

Problem Statement

In this case study, SMA Micro Electronic Products Division is facing organizational and financial problems. These problems are a result of recent changes in the business environment and management. The new leaders are not able to keep up with the market trends. Therefore, this case study is rewritten to illustrate these issues and provide a better understanding of the business strategy. This article provides an introduction to SMA Micro Electronic Products Division.

As a company, SMA Micro must be aware of the changing market conditions. The current environment is not an ideal environment. In fact, SMA should consider the external environment before implementing a change. For instance, if the SMA Micro Electronic Products Division is impacted by a large-scale earthquake, the country may be facing a severe recession. For SMA Micro, the global economic environment is a strong factor in determining the company's success.

Situational Analysis

In the year 2018, SMA Micro Electronic Products Division (MEPD) is facing financial and organizational problems. These issues are the result of a change in the business environment and management style. The organization is struggling with a lack of coordination and a lack of a clear sense of direction. Moreover, the level of morale and job satisfaction of employees are low. Hence, the company is looking for a change in management and organizational structure.

The changes in the external environment have a profound impact on the internal structures of the organization. In the case of MEPD, the company has been dealing with technical issues in the microelectronics industry. The changes in the business environment have resulted in a pattern of managerial problems. In 2009, MEPD introduced two functional units, namely product development and marketing. This move was a positive step for the company, but it has not worked out for the company.

The SMA Micro Electronic Products Division is facing several organizational and financial problems. The leadership must improve communication, coordinate the teams, and improve the quality of work. The organization must improve its performance and align its business with the changing trends of the market. However, SMA Micro Electronics Division must address its weak organizational issues to ensure the continued growth of the division. It must also strengthen its core competencies and expand its geographical footprint.

The organization must be able to deal with changes in the market. The SMA Micro Electronic Products Division has weak capabilities and weak resources. It needs to improve its productivity, increase its profitability, and enhance its efficiency and align with market trends. In addition to these, it needs to develop and enhance its organizational culture. It is vital for SMA to develop its employees and provide them with the right opportunities.

Critical Analysis

SWOT Analysis


SMA Micro’s competitiveness is a strength. A successful leadership team has a history of predicting industry trends. Its customers are loyal, but it has limited success with millennials. By retaining existing customers, the SMA Micro Electronic Products Division will be able to make the transition. However, it lacks international experience, which may pose a problem. The company needs international talent to break into emerging markets.

A good organization has a strong reputation and is able to take advantage of its strengths to succeed in the market. A good organization has a strong market position and a strong reputation

SMA Micro Electronic Products Division A is a global organization with strong market share. Its regional presence can be beneficial for the organization in targeting an international market or geographically dispersed customer base. Furthermore, it has a good geographical presence, which allows it to reach various parts of the world. Its strengths also include project management practices, which can help the company manage new product development projects.


There are many weaknesses in the Micro-Electronic Products Division of SMA. The biggest weakness is its inefficient management of inventory and cash cycles. The business model of SMA Micro is not easily replicated. The company also has numerous copyrights and patents. This makes it difficult for the company to implement changes. However, this is an important tool in thwarting the competition of the same size.

The company's decision making process is slow, limiting the introduction of new products. Its failure to develop new products and services can negatively affect its overall performance. Besides, SMA Micro’s internal resources are limited. Its management is unable to invest in R&D. It also faces problems in managing its employees. The company faces a weak domestic market. Its employees are inefficient.


The SMA Micro-Electronic Products Division faces a number of threats, including the following: Changing business environment and competition, low morale, and rising costs. It must increase its spending on R&D, improve its environmental performance, and integrate sustainability into its business practices. Despite these challenges, the division should be able to continue to grow and thrive in this environment.

Demographic trends have a major impact on the organization. The aging population will increase the need for products and services that are less tech intensive. SMA Micro must consider this when developing new products. This trend is an excellent indicator of the future demand for their products. SMA Micro should also be aware of the current intellectual property rights environment and evaluate its ability to navigate this volatile environment.


The company can take advantage of opportunities by focusing on the emerging markets. By combining different processes, SMA can develop a better product and improve the quality of its products. Its brand will remain loyal and attract new customers. The SMA Micro Electronic Products Division has many advantages. Firstly, it can grow at a faster rate than the competition. Secondly, it can attract talent and invest in R&D.................

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