Leadership is an art Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Leadership is defined by Max Depree as giving freedom to the followers to execute their duties in such a manner that could maximize the effectiveness of the performance and in a way that is suitable for the followers.(Bombard, 2012)According to Max Depree, the leader has two main responsibilities the first responsibility of the leader is to define reality. All the decisions of the leader are based on the realistic targets, and the true leader likes the reality of the targets, the leader maintains targets which are realistic and reasonable. Failure to set the realistic targets and goals can substantially affect the morale and motivation of the followers.
The second core responsibility of a leader is to praise and appreciate the work and efforts of its followers, this responsibility of the leader is veryimportant. Failure to recognize the efforts of the subordinates can also affect the performance of the believers. Furthermore, the leader is also a listener; a true leader gives adequate response and time to the feedbacks of the individuals. This quality and responsibility of leader makes a distinction from other personalities, as per Depree a leader who takes advice from its believers is the real leader and role model.
It can be said that the ultimate purpose of the leadership is not to measure the success of the leader, the ultimate way to measure or assess the effectiveness of the leader is to assess the change in the followers. The performance of the leader is not evaluatedon the basis of thequality of the head nor is it measured by producing more charismatic leaders. The performance of the leader is measured by assessing the performance of the followers. If the performance of followers is improving and if they are learning, the achievability of the results by the followers are some ways to assess the performance of the leaders.
Leadership is an art Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Max Depree said that the leaders are not the ones who perpetrate pain but the leaders are those who bear the pain. If the leader is the cause of pain and stress among its followers, he might not be suitable personnel to call as a leader.A true and effective leader shares the pain of the followers and in some cases, the true leader bears all the pain without transferring it to the subordinates. However, in my opinion, the leader should have to share some of its pain with its followers, and the leader must have to spread the intensity of the adverse consequences with its believers. It will help the subordinates to increase the effectiveness of their performance so that they can avoid the fines and penalties.
In my opinion, the true leaders are those who are willing to address the concerns of the followers and the ones who set the examples for their believers. The main quality which distinguishes aleader from amanager is that the leader influences its subordinates by his actions and the manager influences his subordinates by his position.In my assessment, the performance of the leader should have to be assessed by evaluating the performance of its subordinates. If the performance of followers is improving, the performance of the leader is also said to be improved, however, if the performance of the believers is deteriorating the performance of the leader is also said to be poor...............

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Leadership is an art

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