Sinopec: Refining its Strategy Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Butter industry of China, with the majority ownership vested in the government,, if would be engaged in is "fairness oils" strategy, during of past of several years - acquisition of own capital of interests in the producers of crude oil of nations, including Sudan, Angola, and a of Iran. Outside critics, however, be assumed that Chinese companies can to buy oil in a very interchangeable world market. But Sinopec, peoples the largest refiner, was one of three companies, (together with the PetroChina and CNOOC), engaged in in the play by butter of own capital. With the of energy in China requires swelling power - especially, on petroleum of whom she have had limited reserves - Sinopec was iso of all the forces are trying to increase product output quickly enough to keep in the leg with the rapid of growth of their automotive sector. AND he had, to make money in nearest time. "Hide
by Richard HK Vietor, Julia Galef Source: Harvard Business School 26 pages. Publication Date: September 4, 2007. Prod. #: +708018- PDF-ENG

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