Escapes outdoor living design Inc Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Escapes outdoor living design Inc Case Solution

Definition of Success/Critical Issues:

Harrison’s success was dependent on his passion towards Landscape Construction.In 1998, he graduated from Humber College with a degree in Landscape design. Harrison was specific about his goals and aims and clearly defined his mission and vision, which was to start landscape construction.

 He got an opportunity from TVDSB (Thames Valley District School Board) however,this opportunity was not related to Escapes. In 2007, Harrison operated his own construction crew which had focus on management and sales with seasonal labor and hired one full-time employee, Mike Wiggins. In 2009, the sales increased. In 2010, he operated 2 part-time landscapes and achieved highest average price within time/seasons. In addition to this, heal ways looked for new opportunities.

For differentiating his designs for other local companies, he moved towards 3D (Three Dimensional) designs, but he was not sure about the return of the investment. He was hesitant to start snow maintenance business due to the time frame and low margins. After 2 years when he thought he did not have enough cash (summer months), in 2010 Escapes expanded into residential and commercial snow removal.

Expansion in landscape designing would require new recruits with prior experiences and motivation to stay with the company, and this is one of the major problems that Escapes is facing currently. Harrison faced another problem/challenge of employee retention due to working hours, or because the company was a small business or some had personal issues. Job specification approach would help Harrison improve satisfaction among the employees and would increase loyalty as well. Job specification and job description (manpower planning tools) both are positively related to retention rate.

Situation Analysis:

  • Internal and External Analysis:

 Harrison has the degree as well knowledge regarding landscape design however,he does not have enough resources (cash, inventory, employees and so on) for his business. The employee she hired for his business were not satisfied with their jobs because of low wages, slow growth of the company, or because of small landscape construction business, which is why the turnover ratio was very high. For instance, Heather Robak, the recently hired designer of Escapes, left the job due to thes tress of learning a program as well as she was not trained enough.  If Harrison provides training to new employees, then they can work better than other workers, and in return the trained employees can help the organization in increasing its revenues.

Harrison advertised his Landscape construction business through local marketing campaigns, magazines however,he did not receive any response. Moreover,he created own website for the company and uploaded daily jobs and followed other landscape construction businesses.

  • Reports Conclusion:

 These are the averages of job size and revenues on a yearly basis. With or without snow, the total revenue was increasing on a yearly basis. With snow,the average job size was increasing on a yearly basis, however but without snow the average job size increased in the first 3 years (2009-11).Nevertheless,in 2012, the job size decreased due to employee retention.................

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