Diamond Chemicals PLC The Merseyside Project Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Diamond Chemicals PLC The Merseyside Project Case Solution


Morris was the plant director of Diamond Chemicals' Merseyside Works in Liverpool, England. Her controller, Frank Greystock, was talking about a capital venture that she needed to propose to senior administration. The task comprised of a £9 million to redesign and justify the polypropylene generation line at the Merseyside Plant keeping in mind the end goal to compensate for conceded upkeep and endeavor chances to accomplish expanded creation effectiveness. The reason for this task was to make opportunities identified with expanded production efficiencies by making so as to misuse the conceded support available. Moreover, it had additionally been proposed by him that this venture was going to enhance the output yield of Diamond Chemicals Merseyside production line. Be that as it may, diverse issues have been raised by the individuals from various offices, for example, issues identified with discounted rates, promoting cannibalization and capital consumptions. Accordingly, it should be assessed and selected that whether jewel chemicals ought to proceed with this task or not in the wake of fusing every one of the assumptions.

Problem Findings

In this case, the project’s decision is based on a different situation, weather wego for the project or not and a decision needs to be made based on the net present value, internal rate of return, the payback period and the average earnings per share for the Merseyside project. The objective of this case is to identify all the relevant cash flows associated with this project and address all the concerns of the people of all the departments of the company. This case reveals tous that whether we should go for the project or not as well as a choice should be made based on the net present value, an initial rate of return, the payback period and the average earnings per for the Merseyside venture. The target of this case is to distinguish all the significant cash flow connected with this task and address every one of the worries of the general population of the considerable number of bureaus of the organization. Generally speaking, given the way that the yield is increasing by 7%, and the gross margin of the organization would also be increased by 1% at a level of 12.5%. Given this, the necessities for vitality use would likewise be low. In any case, numerous worries should be addressed. As a matter of first importance, the vehicle division would be making the designation for this venture out of abundance limit.

In any case, with a specific end goal to do this new moving stock will be bought to fuel the development. Moreover, the executive of offers contends that this industry is confronting monetary downturn and this would bring about the oversupply of the generation and accordingly the administration will need to move the limit from the Rotterdam site to Merseyside. This is not a positive component, in any case; the promoting VP trusts that the interest would increment once the business sector restores. Apart from this, the associate plant administrator of the organization recommends incorporating the EPC venture as a significant aspect of the Merseyside extend so that the negative net present estimation of EPC could be managed. On the off chance that this is not fused then, the EPC undertaking is going to exit in three years' opportunity. Finally, the Treasury staff trusts that the obstacle rate for the count is an ostensible swelling balanced obstacle rate, and the genuine discounted rate must be 7% in order to be utilized....................

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