Shoppers Stop – Targeting the Young Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

The case concerns as Shoppers Stop, homegrown Indian retail branded clothes and accessories are closely linked with the adult segment of clients and a half decades since the establishment, looked at the growing segment of the youth population. Against the background of demographic aging, especially in North America and Europe, India had the advantage of largely young population. Thirty-five percent of Indian were aged under 15 and 70 percent under the age of 35 years - the profile is likely to remain so for the next two decades. Topics of discussion: Is there a risk for adult company focused on the young? Is there a risk in not focused on the young? Is there a business opportunity in the youth segment? Shoppers Stop what to do if it were to take this opportunity? What is the address segment? Is a change in strategy is needed now, or will be set to make the current strategy? "Hide
for Shanker Krishnan, Ramasastry Chandrasekhar Source: Richard Ivey School of Business Foundation 23 pages. Publication Date: 05 May 2009. Prod. # 909A11-PDF-ENG

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Shoppers Stop – Targeting the Young

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